My War On Skirts ( and other tall girl problems)

Some of you may not know this; but I’m tall. Bare foot I measure 6’1. I’ve been tall most of my life and I stopped growing 6 years ago ( 6’1 at 14 was not an awesome high school experience). and if you tuned into my getting rid of clothes post, you’ll notice that I mentioned owning dresses and skirts even though I hate them. So I thought, today I’d focus on explaining the love hate relationship with skirts and dresses. Plus throw in some tall girl troubles for us to laugh at.

mfDILiOI won’t lie to you: I think dresses are super cute. the only problem is, most of the cute dresses and skirts I bring home, aren’t made for someone as tall as I am. I can see my calves in maxi skirts, and my underwear would be on full view if I stepped out of the house in the skater dresses I’ve bought. It just doesn’t work…. As much as I wish that those super cute skirts worked for me, for now I’ll stick to capris and palazzo pants this summer.


Now for the fun part. I get to talk about all my tall girl problems. This in no way means I’m not comfortable with who I am. I love my height just as much as I love my curly hair. But with everything comes a little bit of struggle. 🙂


I’m pretty sure I’m half legs, and while the hair is slow growing, every week I’m in the shower 15 extra minutes shaving. I’m not being dramatic either. If I have to detangle AND shave in the same shower trip I will use all the hot water, and then continue for a little while in the cold.


I know there isn’t anything saying tall girls can’t wear heels ( I mean, except for all those people who should shut their yaps). But after years of being told I’m too tall to wear heels, I’d probably break my neck wearing them.

                                                        Even More Tall Girl Problem

  1. I’m longer than my bed
  2. people make that “how’s the weather up there?” joke.
  3. My knees touch the top of any desk I sit at
  4.  I have to special order my pants ( hello 33 in. inseam).
  5. You can see my wrists in long sleeve shirts and jackets


So how about you guys? Do you struggle with tall or short girl problems? Comment below and tell me what height struggles you experience.

Until Next Time,