Finding Cute Clothes on a Budget

I’m back guys, and I bought some batteries! Now, the things I’m about to write are from me as a tall plus sized woman with larger feet, but the tips I’m giving can 100% be used for any  woman ( or man) of any height, shape, or shoe size. Saving money and being fashionable is for everyone, but don’t be shocked when some of the places I list are plus sized retailers. So, I’m not going to get into super specefic measurements via hips and bust size… But I will tell you I am 6’1, wear size 12 women’s shoes, and I wear a size 2x/3x and a 22/24. So, as anyone who is overly tall ( or short), plus sized ( or very petite), and has big feet ( or tiny feet) we all know the intense struggle of finding clothes that fit our body in the right way.



I have a variety of tips and tricks for dressing the way you want on a budget, and it includes a sneak peak into my wardrobe ( even after Cleaning out my closet for donation I still have TONS of clothes). So lets begin this super awesome post!!!!  Note: I am not a good photographer, especially not when I’m taking pictures of clothes absent of people inside them, so bear with me. 🙂

  1. Buy pieces that will work for multiple seasons
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Bought from ( left to right ) Ross, Ross, Forever 21, and Maurice’s ( all under $20)

If you follow my instagram you’ll clearly see that I love kimonos, cardigans, and blazers. I have accumulated quite a few over the years and I wear these from March all the way to December ( which if the temp is above 45 in the winter you can find me layering these over long sleeved shirts and sweaters). Stretch the wear of your clothes as far as you can and you’ll see that the money you save on pieces you stretch can get you something you really want.

2. Take care of your clothes!!!!

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Bought from ( left to right) Maurices, Torrid, Maurices

That maroon sweater in the picture before the one above has been in my closet for 2 years. I paid $12 dollars for it. It’s in great shape and I expect it to last many more years to come. I have a pair of capris I bought at a Walmart that were bought 4 years ago. If you take care of your clothes you won’t constantly be buying new ones. Clothes are an investment. follow their care instructions and don’t be messy with your food. I have two kids and I’ve managed to keep all my white clothes in excellent condition.Don’t be afraid to baby your clothes, you have to wear them after all.

3. Sales are your best friend

I’m not telling you  I buy everything on sale. I would be flat out lying if I did. I do however go to the sales rack immediately when I enter the store, and even when I go online shopping. The pictures above are just a few things I have found on sale. I got the furry vest for under 20 ( normally around $45) the puffer vest for $2 ( Normally $34) ,, The cute bracelet for $4.95 ( normally $12.95) and The earrings were 1$ ( normally $6) because I bought the moon necklace with the blue stone. a few days ago my local Maurices was having a 40% off purses sale. I combined that with a $10 off birthday coupon and got a $44 purse for $17.62. My recommendations: If you are in search of accessories, I recommend Hot topic, they run buy one get on $1 sales on accessories, and overall have some pretty decent clearance prices in their store. If you are looking more for clothes, I recommend Rue 21. They run the same kind of sales ( buy 1 get 1 $1 or $3 or $5) and the price of their products are overall pretty low. They are a teen store ( I went school shopping their in middle school) but if you take your time and look closely, you’ll find stuff for those with more adult taste ( or if you are a teen reading this, go nuts that place is awesome).

4. Buy things at the right time

Left to Right: Rue 21, Maurices, Maurices

Lets get real guys, winter rolls around, you’re cold, and you aren’t even thinking about wearing skirts, camis, or sandals. I am though, Shortly after Christmas, I ordered myself summer capris, camis, and sunglasses. I paid $50 for the 6 items I received, and I was pretty much set for summer days chasing my toddler at the park. Now that summer is here, I see people lined up with shorts paying full price, and I’m scoping out the sale section for cheap sweaters. I do the same for my kids as well. Do we still buy a few things here and there once the season comes around? Of course I do, but I don’t have to worry about having to buy it all.

5. Know that you will never find everything you need cheaply

I know, I know, I told you guys this was about getting clothes at a cheap price. In a perfect world, I’d be able to buy jeans with a 32 inch inseam for $10. This is not a perfect world, and I’m dropping at least $50 for jeans that fit me and make me feel good about myself. I can get socks and underwear on amazing sales, but bras and shoes have me dropping a pretty penny. While I wish I could find em super cheap, I will say the way I shop for the things I can get on sale and cheap helps me absorb the blow of paying that price for jeans ( and taking care of my clothes means that I won;t have to absorb that blow too often).

6. Clothes for Christmas

this past winter, we were rushing to get Christmas presents and stuff for our incoming baby that we didn’t have enough money to get myself a pair of boots. My mother in law asked me what I want for Christmas so I said just a pair of boots.Christmas rolls around and I receive a pair of black knee high boots and grey ankle boots. So, if you are wanting that cute shirt but can’t swing the $30 price tag, it’s a perfect birthday/Christmas present for you then. As adults, Christmas and birthdays are perfect times to ask for practical thing you need or something you want but don’t have enough money to  buy yourself ( just you know, don’t ask for too much. The spirit of giving isn’t infinite).

I hope you guys enjoyed my tips on getting clothes that fit you on a budget. Below I’ll list off some stores that have great sales/ are inexpensive all together.

Rue 21

Rainbow Shops

Rue 21


Comment below and tell me where you love to shop or what makes it hard for you to find good clothes that fit.

Until Next Time,