Perfectly Posh Product Review

I recently signed up to be a product reviewer for Perfectly Posh through a fellow blogger and received the products a few days ago. I have to tell you guys, I was super excited to do my first review on products that I didn’t pick out and purchase. Anyways, what I received was a sample of four different products: The Easy Peasy Lemon Chunk bar,The Complexion Perfection daily face wash, Moisture 911 lightweight moisturizer, and the hot mess hand cream.


Let me star on this one by telling you I’m a shower gel kind of girl. I haven’t used bar soap since grade school and I never wanted to again.. Until I tried this bar. It smells amazing and doesn’t leave my skin dry ( which is the main reason why I traded in ivory b ars for creamy washes so long ago) and on top of that, the fragrance isn’t intense or overpowering. Which being a lover of perfume, overpowering fragrances in soap is a deal breaker. while I still have an alligence to my favorite  shower gel, I would totally shell out the $9 to use on my kids ( my toddler  a big fan of the run of the mill baby soap smell).



As a self declared hand cream  queen, I am always super excited to try a new one. That being said, this is the creamiest hand cream I’ve ever used! It soaks in quickly, and I don’t know how many of you have ever smelled the j lo love at first glow perfume, ( my mom’s favorite and most used perfume when I was growing up) but this smells identical. It was like stepping into a hug from my mom… So to say I loved the smell was an understatement.


These two products were used as a dynamic duo on my face. The complexion perfection was thick, creamy, and while it contained much less walnut shell than I’m used to, it felt amazing and sloughed away the excess of dead skin I’ve been collecting from my super busy mom life. Moisturize 911 is just as amazing. The orange scent made me happy. As did the creamy moisturizer that was thick and light weight all at the same time.

Overall, I would highly recommend any of these products! I encourage all of you to check out Perfectly Posh and check out tall the amazing products ( plus all of their products are under $25).

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What’s In My Bag!

I have been seeing Videos and posts like this everywhere! So, I thought I’d join in on the fun! Plus, it’s an excuse to show everyone my newest bag that I bought for spring!

KODAK Digital Still Camera


Journal: I always have a journal on me ( I one day hope to have my short stories published) in case I find a spontaneous source of inspiration. I use small 80 pg. journals, so there is always a new one in my purse. The one shown is from a 3 pack for Barnes and Nobles spring collection. I love floral print for spring, so I couldn’t help myself

Pen: I adore the set of pens that this one came in. It’s from the sweet heart set and I snagged these from Barnes and Noble shortly after Valentines Day.

Clif Crunch Bar: These are my favorite granola bars and are really handy for a snack. I’ve been at my new job for almost a month and they have yet to see me eat anything aside from these granola bars. And for anyone who is Vegan or just doesn’t eat dairy, the White chocolate pieces in this bar are made from soy 🙂

Peanuts Moleskin Planner: Being a wife and mother of two, I am constantly jotting down appointments and to do lists. This thing keeps me sane ( plus, it’s super duper cute).

Sunglasses: I’ve been wearing this pair of sunglasses for almost four years now. They are huge, and I adore them. They are always in my purse no matter which one I am carrying.

Wallet: I don’t like big wallets. This one is perfect for me. It’s slim and fits even in my smaller purses. It has a place for everything, and it’s in one of my favorite colors ( If you wanna know about the zipper pull it’s a chibi Teepo and Elise from the game tales of Xilia. I got it for Christmas).

Makeup Bag: I hate the idea of anything spilling on the adorable lining of my bags, so I carry those items in my cute January Ipsy bag to hold them all

Keys: ( Held in Makeup Bag)  I have a toddler who wants to be just like mommy. As cute as that sounds, it also means that I need to lock my makeup case after I’m done using its, and since I seem to lose everything I put them in the one place I never go anywhere without: my purse.

Mirror: Nothing really to say about this, It’s just your run of the mill Compact mirror for Ulta.

Chapstick: (Kept in makeup bag) I never lose my chapstick so I buy my favorite brand every time. Burts Bees is the best Chapstick and I’m loving the vanilla Bean one I have now.

Hand Sanitizer: ( Kept in makeup bag) I use a lot of hand sanitizer ( I finish off 3 a month) and I hate the smell of original germ – x, so I stock up on sanitizer from Bath and Body Works when there’s a good sale and I have a coupon to double up with. Right now I’m working on my cherry champagne toast and I love it.

Hand Cream: ( Kept in makeup bag) As you can clearly see, my poor Tree hut organics hand cream is on it’s last leg and I am squeezing every last drop out of it. I do have a udderly smooth hand cream on my bedside table, so I’ll probably be rotating that in until I finally drive across town for another one.

Lipstick: ( Kept in makeup bag) I like to keep whatever lipstick I’m wearing in my makeup bag just in case. Lately my colour pop matte lipstick in creeper ( shown above) has made many appearances in the makeup bag ( not like I’ve actually every used it for touch ups, the lipstick lasts all day).

Gum: I drink an obscene amount of coffee and without gum I would most likely offend people with my coffee breath ( If anyone tells you coffee breath isn’t that bad, they are liars… It’s horrendous ).

Phone: I know I know, I don’t gasp! have an I phone or a Samsung galaxy! I don’t really want one either. I’m happy with my Alcatel Astro Pop. And I can bet money that All the apps run the same, and my calls sound just as clear. No knock on people who did shell out hundreds for their phone,  I just don’t want to spend that much money on something that I let my 2 year old play baby games on ( Go ahead internet, judge me. No I phone and I let my toddler play with my phone. Worst mom award goes to….).

Epi Pen: Fun fact about me, I have a shellfish and mollusk allergy. I’ve never had either ( shrimp, crab, lobster, crawdads, clams, scallops) I was diagnosed through a routine allergy test as a child, and honestly walking by the seafood counter, don’t think I’m missing much. I can have fish though.

If you were hoping for something crazy, Sorry to disappoint. I am one of those boring people whos purse isn’t a black hole, but it is another look into my life ( and a look at the cute purse. I know I said it was cute already but I’m in the honeymoon purse face so I won’t shut up about it anytime soon).

What do you keep in your purse?

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