The Color That’s Part of my Everyday Life

Today I teamed up with Glossier to share my some of my favorite things! I love to be bright and colorful, in terms of makeup, fashion, and everyday life in general ( including my life as a gamer). So I thought I’d show the color that’s part of my life the most which is the amazing and fabulous PINK!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

From my controller to my perfume and favorite beauty products, I live, breathe, and love pink!!!!

And in case you were wondering about all products shown….

  1. Perfume: I am Happy from Maurices
  2. Hand lotion: Eos, in the scent cherry blossom.
  3. Lipstick ( silver container) Maybelline Color sensational matte lipstick in #682 blushing pout
  4. Lipstick ( Black Container) elf moisturizing lipstick in Pink Minx
  5. Lip Gloss: Julep in Graceful
  6. Nail Polish ( bright pink) Julep’s Viki in their classic with a twist 2014 collection
  7. Nail Polish ( light pink) Covergirl outlast stay brilliant nail gloss in constant candy
  8. Blush: elf HD blush in Diva
  9. Eyeshadow: wet n wild color icon in cheeky
  10. Kirby Plush: Gamestop
  11. Ps3 controller: Ebay

So what color is part of your everyday life?

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March 18th Haul

Hello Hello,

Like I said before in my March glambag post I’ve been very busy, and I’m squeezing these posts out all at once while the husband and babies are fast asleep. So, we’ve been doing some shopping lately, and of course I bought some beauty relate items! I went to Walmart, Sallys, and Ulta and scored some pretty good stuff, so I thought I’d share with you guys.





First off is Sally’s. Didn’t get a whole lot from there, but normally I never go in to browse, I go in just to get what I need. I got some Micro Tweeze wax, a rat tail comb, a  larger rat tail comb with wide spacing ( I bought them mostly for parting my hair), and some BTZ noodle hair curl cream.




Walmart: I was in need pf mostly some more brushes. I got 2 angles eyeliner brush and one of the bent eyeliner brushes ( I’m expecting a package soon that I’l be using all those for, so stay tuned for that). I also got two things I had never bought before: blending sponges and setting powder. after using both products I am in love! the powder feels better on my face than the spray and my makeup has never looked smoother. Super happy i picked both of these up.



When I went into Ulta I promised my husband I would only pick from the clearance. That din’t stop me from finding some great stuff. I found 2 Splat! washable hair colors in Pink and purple. I also snagged some yes to grapefruit under eye cream for dark circles ( it works really good, if anyone wants to know). My favorite find from here ( and for the entire haul) has to be the pacifica dreamy cover bare faced serum foundation. it was on sale for $8.95 ( $17 on their website) and It is the greatest foundation I’ve every used. It’s a light breathable coverage, a little goes a long way, and it is the best match I’ve ever found for my skin hands down ( It adjusts to your skin tone!).

What have you guys been finding lately?

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Dollar Tree Haul!!!

If you couldn’t already tell, I like wandering around the dollar tree in search of makeup. I’m a very savvy (cheap) person and at this point, the only way I’ve been obtaining makeup ( to feed the habit) is the dollar store and my monthly Ipsy glambag. Luckily for me there are 5 dollar trees near me. Anyways, today was a pretty good day for the dollar tree. I found a Milani Lip Gloss, an Elf HD blush in the color Diva, a Wet n Wild sharpener,  an Elf smudge pot in the color brownie points, and two NYC sparkle eye dusts in the colors amethyst dazzle and bronze shimmer



Top: Milani Lip Gloss, Bottom: Elf HD blush

Let me start off by saying that I thought the lip gloss was orange ( the dollar tree doesn’t have the best lighting). That being said, even with the disappointment regarding color it is a really nice hot pink and the smell reminds me of a chocolate lip smackers gloss ( oh the glossy lipped junior high nostalgia!). It’s definitely a keeper and will be great at summer play dates when touching up your makeup seems to be an unspoken no no.

The HD blush: Super concentrated! The swatch above is one pump! a little definitely goes a long way, and like most ELF face products it comes in a pump ( which I love). I was a little unsure of the brightness of the pink, but I think it will be perfect for a date night when I can no longer rely on winter winds to give my cheeks a nice flush ( I’m not kidding, I don’t even need blush December – March).

Top to bottom: Brownie Points, Amethyst Dazzle, Bronze Shimmer


Smudge Pot: I love love love my blue Cream eyeliner and this has the same smooth consistency! It will be perfect for my go to church look ( Which I will eventually tutorial).

Eye Sparkles: The color concentration is amazing and these are super blend -able. I already had the Aquamarine sparkle from a past haul, so I already knew I loved these before I headed to the checkout.

Sharpener: Sharpened all my pencils and way better than using the sharpener that comes on top of the liner. No complaints.

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Dollar Tree Haul

This is my very first haul!!!  Today I found E.L.F, Maybelline, and wet n Wild cosmetics.

download (3)Lipsticks and Balm: Baby lips, NYC lipstick in the colors caramel cream and blue rose, Elf lip stick in movie star, and elf tinted lip balm in grapefruit.

download (1)My favorite out of all these has to be the Blue Rose. I’ve never used a blue based red or pink lipstick and I like the way this one looks on me. The one complaint I would have for the Wet ‘n’ wild lipsticks would be that they aren’t very creamy like the package says,but the color alone is worth the extra pressure needed to get a good amount of color.

shadowstuffFor Eyes and face I Bought E.l.f concealer in medium, E.l.f shimmering face powder in pink, Wet ‘n’ wild shadows in the colors sugar,cheeky,and brass, an E.l.f shadow stick in Midnight Rendezvous, and some NYC Sparkle Eye dust in Aquamarine Sparkle.

download (2).jpegMy favorite of these has to be midnight rendezvous. it has a nice smokey color to it and I think it would work great with sugar for a quick and easy smokey eye (because as a mom it seems like I’m always pressed for time). I also snagged a wet ‘n’ wild shadow brush (not shown). and it is a welcome addition to the obscene amount of brushes I own.

So what stuff have you snagged from the dollar tree? I’d love to know! If you’d like to see any of these products in a tutorial drop a comment below.

until next time.