Mail Call!!

It’s been so long since I’ve been on to post! I am super exited to show you everything that I have planned to show you this holiday season. I’ve been honing my skills in the makeup department, so I can bring all of you better content!So I thought I’d start off the season with a Mail Call!! I received multiple boxes, and ¬†(Spoiler alert) They are all makeup and clothes. So let’s get down to what we all know you came here for….


I won’t be providing links for all this because 1. you’re going to see them in later posts with links and 2.The entire post would end up including over 60 links… and I know you don’t want to click that many links.

My wonderfully large Ulta haul. It is mostly makeup, but there are a few nail and hair products in there. I’m going to be honest with you guys, I didn’t think about where I was going to fit anything until I had taken all these pictures. Then I complained about having too much stuff because my first world problem was super dire.

Another Babble blurb:: can we just take a moment to appreciate how I’ve gotten a little better with my picture taking. I even bough a furry white pillow to use asa backdrop for tiny things ( Sadly enough that was my entire motivation to buy this pillow, I’m not joking guys, I didn’t want to pay for a white rug).

So to wrap things up, I will be telling you a little more about upcoming posts all the while, still being annoyingly vague. There’s going to be lots of makeup looks and I am excited to say I will also be incorporating the clothes and accessories I wear into posts ( Just so long as my husband takes the photos the way I like ūüėõ ). So stay tuned and get ready for some quirky goodness in your holiday season.


Happy Holidays!



Perfectly Posh Product Review

I recently signed up to be a product reviewer for Perfectly Posh through a fellow blogger¬†and received the products a few days ago. I have to tell you guys, I was super excited to do my first review on products that I didn’t pick out and purchase. Anyways, what I received was a sample of four different products: The Easy Peasy Lemon Chunk bar,The Complexion Perfection daily face wash, Moisture 911 lightweight moisturizer, and the hot mess hand cream.


Let me star on this one by telling you I’m a shower gel kind of girl. I haven’t used bar soap since grade school and I never wanted to again.. Until I tried this bar. It smells amazing and doesn’t leave my skin dry ( which is the main reason why I traded in ivory b ars for creamy washes so long ago) and on top of that, the fragrance isn’t intense or overpowering. Which being a lover of perfume, overpowering fragrances in soap is a deal breaker. while I still have an alligence to my favorite ¬†shower gel, I would totally shell out the $9 to use on my kids ( my toddler ¬†a big fan of the run of the mill baby soap smell).



As a self declared hand cream ¬†queen, I am always super excited to try a new one. That being said, this is the creamiest hand cream I’ve ever used! It soaks in quickly, and I don’t know how many of you have ever smelled the j lo love at first glow perfume, ( my mom’s favorite and most used perfume when I was growing up) but this smells identical. It was like stepping into a hug from my mom… So to say I loved the smell was an understatement.


These two products were used as a dynamic duo on my face. The complexion perfection was thick, creamy, and while it contained much less walnut shell than I’m used to, it felt amazing and sloughed away the excess of dead skin I’ve been collecting from my super busy mom life. Moisturize 911 is just as amazing. The orange scent made me happy. As did the creamy moisturizer that was thick and light weight all at the same time.

Overall, I would highly recommend any of these products! I encourage all of you to check out Perfectly Posh and check out tall the amazing products ( plus all of their products are under $25).

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Quirky Turns 20! ( Swatches and Review inside)

If you haven’t already connected with me on Instagram ( @quirkworkymama ) you wouldn’t have noticed my hashtag ( #quirkyturns20 ) scattered across my feed. Today was my 20th birthday and I spent the day up in the mountains drinking Lavender Chai lattes and buying pretty rocks ( which, with that a super awesome announcement will be on the way ). I also got tons on super amazing presents, including the Urban Decay through the looking glass palette. And because I love all of my blog readers so much, I am only sharing my swatches on here ( everyone else doesn’t have the super awesome privilege of seeing these amazing shades on my skin, I know SUCH a privilege ).

Guys, Let me start off by saying this is the prettiest Palette I’ve ever own. I would buy this just for the box. Even long after these shadows are gone I will be keeping this box. Now, for what I know all of you came here for: Swatches!!!!

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Colors ( Top to bottom ) Looking Glass, Reflection, Dormouse, Metamorphasis

The first Column of shadows is Named Alice. It has nice neutrals with a pop of blue.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Colors: Hatter, gone mad, paradox, cake

The Second Column Hatter is my very favorite! so many bright colors embodying everything that is the mad hatter ( swoon)

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Colors: Lily, Duchess, Kingdom, Chessboard

Pictures do the Mirana Column no justice. The top shade lily is beautifully iridescent. it brings a cute spin to a more neutral look ( which is normally my everyday look , so I need something like this).

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Colors: Heads will Roll, Bandersnatch, Salazen Grum, Royal Flush

Can we talk about that Salazen Grum shade. It’s like a candy apple rolled in pixie dust. I can’t stop looking at it!

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Colors: Time, Dream on, Chronosphere, Mirror

I don’t do smokey eyes, but I’m about to start. I can literally picture a romantic evening out with my husband glammed out with these smoky colors.

You guys placing an order yet? I totally urge you too, If not for the fandom, for the amazing color saturation, satiny feel, and zero fall out! I’ve never had urban decay shadows before this and I am now 100% hooked! you guys buy any good palettes lately? ¬†Stay tuned for my big announcement coming soon ( it is literally the reason I haven’t posted in almost a month so it’s gonna be good, trust me)

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April Ipsy Bag Review

I have news: This month’s Ipsy bag will be my last glambag. I have decided to look into other beauty subscription boxes. Nothing against Ipsy, I’m just looking to try new things.

Anyways, on to the super awesome review!

KODAK Digital Still Camera


So this month’s theme was dreamer and I received 4 really awesome products. I received:

Tarte LipSurgence lip cream in the color wonder: I love this, It smells like peppermint and feels tingly on my lips. I am a sucker for reds so this is a welcome addition to my red lipstick.

Novex Argan oil deep conditioning hair mask: I love anything that says that it will add moisture to my hair, so this is a welcome addition to the shower. I haven’t used it yet but I do enjoy the smell as well as the fact that it’s 100g ¬†which means if I like it, I can stretch it to 3 or 4 uses.

Crown C427 tapered duo fiber brush: super super soft! I even rubbed it on my youngest’s face and she smiled and laugh ( which babies are the most honest little creatures on earth, so her reviews are trustworthy). I can never have enough brushes, so this one will be joining the others.

Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume: I was really excited for this one. There is no base, heart, or top notes. It’s just one smell (cetalox) that’s used as the very base note in most perfumes. I adore this unique minimalist smell, and the fact that it is allergen free which ¬†is perfect for this time of year when my allergies have me feeling super sensitive.

Trust Fund Beauty That Glo Tho highlighter: I don’t use highlighters too often, but I can appreciate a good one when I see it. This is really creamy and the shade is perfect for my skin.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Top: Trust Fund Beauty that glo tho, Bottom Tarte Lipsurgence in wonder

In my opinion this bag was one of the best that I have received. I may one day return to Ipsy, but for now I want to be a little more adventurous, and while getting makeup tailored to my skin tone, eye color, and personal taste is super awesome, I’m looking for something that will help me get a little more out of the box!

Have you tried Ipsy yet? If you aren’t doing Ipsy, then what beauty subscription box do you like?

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Mini Dollar Tree Haul

Today I went in to the dollar store in search of parchment paper. We have an excess of Cocoa powder, coconut oil, peanut butter, and oats… So I thought that I’d bake some healthy treats! Anyways… I wandered down the beauty aisle curious since this was a brand new dollar tree and I found the greatest little stuff for my hands! I found Some Essie Nail Sticks in the colors don’t cheetah on me,stick with style, and croc madame. I’ve never used nail sticks before so I am insanely excited to break theses out and play with them ( Did someone say quick and easy Easter manicure? ). I also got n Udderly smooth hand cream. I’ve heard of Udderly smooth and became obsessed around age 13, so finding this at the dollar store was like running into an old friend. ¬†These accidental finds were pretty handy ( Hah! get it? I crack myself up) and I can’t wait for my next trip to the dollar store. Have you guys found anything great at the dollar tree?

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Super Bowl Sunday Makeup

Super Bowl 50 is tomorrow! Now, I have to be honest… I’m more excited about the orange eye shadow I bought than the game itself.But, I will happily sit net to my husband and watch football; I just intend to do it looking great.

Let me just say this now: I did not put as much shadow and liner on as I intend to tomorrow, I am recovering from an infection in my tear duct and things are still a little tender. Anyways here we go!

The products used for this look are Ulta Eye Shadow in Mimosa, Wet n Wild Color Icon in Sugar, Covergirl eye enhancers in Sapphire Sparkle, and maybelline babylips in Oh Tangerine. Let me just say this: Trying to find orange eye shadow right before Super Bowl is quite the challenge when you live in Colorado, but I luckily found one!

What I did for this look was make a gradient across my eyes going from blue in the outer corner, orange on the middle lid, and white highlighting the inner corners. The orange shadow at my lash line is solely from fallout, although now looking at it I will be using my liner brush for a gradient on my bottom lash line. I’ll be posting a picture of the full look tomorrow including the super awesome Eyeblack stickers Both my husband and I have from entering Gatorade codes online. Who will you be cheering for tomorrow? And how are you showing your team spirit? Until next time,




Dollar Tree Haul

This is my very first haul!!!  Today I found E.L.F, Maybelline, and wet n Wild cosmetics.

download (3)Lipsticks and Balm: Baby lips, NYC lipstick in the colors caramel cream and blue rose, Elf lip stick in movie star, and elf tinted lip balm in grapefruit.

download (1)My favorite out of all these has to be the Blue Rose. I’ve never used a blue based red or pink lipstick and I like the way this one looks on me. The one complaint I would have for the Wet ‘n’ wild lipsticks would be that they aren’t very creamy like the package says,but the color alone is worth the extra pressure needed to get a good amount of color.

shadowstuffFor Eyes and face I Bought E.l.f concealer in medium, E.l.f shimmering face powder in pink, Wet ‘n’ wild shadows in the colors sugar,cheeky,and brass, an E.l.f shadow stick in Midnight Rendezvous, and some NYC Sparkle Eye dust in Aquamarine Sparkle.

download (2).jpegMy favorite of these has to be midnight rendezvous. it has a nice smokey color to it and I think it would work great with sugar for a quick and easy smokey eye (because as a mom it seems like I’m always pressed for time). I also snagged a wet ‘n’ wild shadow brush (not shown). and it is a welcome addition to the obscene amount of brushes I own.

So what stuff have you snagged from the dollar tree? I’d love to know! If you’d like to see any of these products in a tutorial drop a comment below.

until next time.


My First Experience With Cream Liner

I’m still a little out of my element when it comes to eyeliner. My go to since 13 has been thin, barely there lines of black on my lash line (which once I discovered tight lining it was an instant favorite). I’ve finally started to wander out of my comfort zone. So I picked up a traditional liquid liner, and let me say It was a horrifying mess of inky black. So, not willing to give up I bought a liquid liner tip with a felt tip that reminded me of a paintbrush. Although wobbly close up, from 6 inches or more away, it looked decent. Then, 20 minutes after leaving the house My cheeks were covered in flakes and I my cute little wing was gone. So, almost at my wits end I picked up a little pot of cream liner in one of my favorite colors;Blue! So then I thought, I might as well go all out and use a coppery eye shadow: Two equally flattering colors for my brown eyes. What I got were two simple looks that looked better than any liner I’ve done before. (Excuse my brows they’re due for a groom).

Let me say, I have converted to cream liner. It’s reliable like my stick, but versatile like a liquid. I used Elf Cream Liner in Teal Tease and the copper shade from my Peony eye shadow trio (which when I first received my shadow trio it was the only product that Peony had and now they’ve expanded with more products that I would love to try. Check it out here). ¬†Which, that’s only one swipe of shadow on my eyes with no primer, I didn’t even wet it! Anyways, What’s your favorite eyeliner type and brand?


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Coming Soon….

The month of February is less than a week away. With that brings two exciting things: The Superbowl (Go Broncos!) and Valentines Day. and with both those things come makeup tutorials! I’ll be posting a Broncos Superbowl look as well as a makeup look to match my outfit for valentines day. As well as some stuff in between (clothes, makeup, and the ever exciting ipsy). So stay tuned, I’m always open to suggestions and requests. Drop a comment below ūüôā

Lavender Garden Makeup Tutorial

It was suggested that I use the products I received from Ipsy this month to create a makeup tutorial. So, fr my first makeup tutorial I’ve created a simple look. Nothing too crazy, A great spring look. This look does include liquid eyeliner which I’m new at, so sadly I only own black. I also think this would look good with a deep purple, green, or a metallic silver liner for a more colorful or dramatic look.

First Use primer on your lid making sure to blend into an even layer. Next apply a mauve colored shadow to the crease building up to desired intensity. Then apply a frosty lavender shadow to the lid using a smudge brush to blend the two colors. Optional: I used some sparkly cream colored shadow to highlight my brow bone but you can skip that step. Next use a stick eyeliner in a deep purple color on your bottom waterline. Finally , Use a liquid liner on top and make a wing as dramatic or simple as you’d like. To complete the look, swipe on your favorite pastel lip color And there you have it! You could also optionally skip the top eyeliner all together for a quick and easy look.

Products and Tools


So what do you think? Comment below your thoughts on this tutorial and the products used or if you’d like me to do a tutorial on a specific look.