Coffee Break With Quirky

Hey Guys!

So I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I’d give ya’ll a general update and touching on a few things that have been happening in my quirky worky life. So Earlier this month I was contacted by a brand new ( as of 2016) publication called My Trending Stories. I was offered a chance to be a contributor for them, and of course I accepted as this is my very first opportunity outside of working on my YA fiction and blogging to all you lovely readers ( I’m not just sucking up, you guys are awesome and it always makes me smile when my notifications blow up).  So, if you want to check out my profile on there the link is right here. I am currently writing about more serious stuff over there. My article posted is about being a body positivist and I am currently polishing up an article about Feminism ( I know, it’s a lot heavier than my normal reviews and ramblings, but I decided to bring my more serious passions to the table).

In mom news, Sophia will be starting potty training soon, So you get to hear about all that, and by the end I’ll have some tips for any moms of little ones out there. Also in mom news, I am currently working on a full review of the latest and greatest mom apps/websites Momco and In about a month I will have a full comprehensive review of both and I will be able to tell you if having a sort of dating site for making mom friends is really as great as it sounds.

In nerd news: of you follow me on Instagram you’ll see it there first, but Tomorrow morning my husband and I will be going on a SDCC funko pop hunt, and I will be talking about my experience and what it’s like to be a female collector .

What’s new with you guys? Comment below and tell me how your life is changing. As always you can connect with me on instagram, facebook, and twitter. Just look up quirkyworkymama.

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Loved And Blessed Review

Earlier this month for Mother’s day I received a three month subscription to loved and blessed. While I try to stay away from talking about most hot button topics ( If you haven’t been to my social media pages before there is a purposeful lack of anything and everything elated to politics) I was really excited for some spiritual encouragement arriving to me monthly.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

So, A quick explanation of their service: Loved and blessed is a Non denominational christian subscription box service. It’s $12 a month including shipping. Each box follows a theme and you receive a mini poster, sticker, and a gift for that theme.

This month’s theme was trust. It came with the adorable tote and a green floating candle ( which you are instructed to read a particular scripture in a quiet place with the candle floating in a glass). It also came with a scripture card to put in your wallet and a card and note to send encouragement to a friend, which I will be sending to my friend who attends the morning service at the same church as us.


As you can see, I wasn’t the only one excited about that tote ( we ended up taking it to the farmers market with us). I am super excited for next month’s box and I would 100% encourage anyone looking for a boost of faith each month to subscribe 

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Getting Rid of Clothes

I’ve come to realize that I have a problem: I am a clothes hoarder.


I know, I know that sounds like a good thing, but I don’t just hoard clothes for me, I hoard clothes for the other 3 members of my family. Both my Toddler and my 5 month old each have enough clothes to fill a 7 drawer dresser…. EACH! I mean, just think of how small baby and toddler clothes are….


Between our small 4 person family we have accumulated 3 tall hampers and 6 short hampers full ( and by full I mean overflowing) of clothes. So, we are purging out are closets. I never thought something so simple would be so painful.


I will admit, This problem isn’t a new one…. I walked into my marriages with my own personal boutique…  I picked up a pair of leggings that I hadn’t worn since before I was pregnant with our oldest…. She’s almost 2. I also own tons of dresses and skirts: I hate dresses and skirts ( which I will probably rant about that love hate relationship some other time). being the super awesome plus sized fashionista that I am ( almost forgot the sarc mark on the fashionista part) i’ve learned to take good care of my clothes because it’s 1. expensive and 2. takes a lot of leg work to find clothes that will work for me. That being said, I don’t get rid of stuff until it’s broken. I have clothes that have lived in my closet longer that I’ve been with my husband. and it’s time for them to go.

greater numbers


That’s not to say I won’t be shopping for more clothes. I run into cute clothes for me, my kids, and my husband weekly. The only difference is, precious hanger and drawer space won’t be wasted on 7 pairs of pajama pants. The clothes we don’t wear will be going on to do bigger and better things; they will be donated to a local church that supplies clothing and goods to over 10,000 families in need.

Any of you guys hoarding? Comment below and tell me what you have way too much of.  ( obviously my hoarding includes toys, shoes, makeup, and mugs too… but that’s another project for another day).

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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy valentines day everyone! Today I am lucky enough to have three valentines! My husband and my two daughters Sophia and Lydia. I’ve already received my gifts and they are AMAZING! I couldn’t ask for better (plus they’re both pink ).

Which now, I have lots of room for new makeup. Anyways, My plans for valentines day include, coffee, church, and a “romantic” dinner including either our newborn, toddler, or both depending on how nap time works out. I won’t be posting a makeup tutorial today sadly. I’m running out of time and church starts soon. But I hope everyone has a wonderful valentines day and someone to spend it with.

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What Makes A Marriage Great

On September 3rd 2014, my husband and I eloped. The only witness being the county clerks and our almost 3 month old daughter. There were no flowers , I didn’t wear a white dress, and my “wedding ring” turned my finger green a week later. Standing in the courthouse signing that certificate was one of the best days of my life. I found my life’s partner at 16 and married him at 18. The woman I am when I am with him is the woman I was meant to be. He has given me 2 beautiful children, and my faith strengthens every day I wake up next to him.  Our marriage is not perfect though, no marriage is. We will never see eye to eye 100 % of the time. But that’s okay. We are two different people living the same life, together. What makes our marriage great is not only the moments where it’s almost picture perfect, but also during the aftermath of a bad moment. Because in that moment my heart still overflows with love. I have found the one my heart loves.