Why I’m never going to Starbucks for Iced Coffee Again

Before the New year, I had a mini breakdown over my Brim coffee maker breaking. So, like any sane coffee addict faced with the possibility of a day without coffee, I forced my husband to go with me across town at 11 o’ clock while his parents watched the kids. Now, aside from the few times I’ve used my dad’s Keurig, I’ve always used regular coffee pots with a glass carafe and never felt the need for much extra. After staring at the insane amount of coffee pots ( I swear all these brands have popped up overnight) we decided on the  Hamilton Beach BrewStation 12 cup Dispensing coffee maker with removable reservoir. Now, even though I love the look of a classic coffee pot with a clean carafe; with a toddler who can already blindly grab things off of counters the thought of a carafe free coffee pot seemed a lot safer. So, with pajamas tucked into snow boots we trudged home with our new coffee pot, saving everyone the stress of having to deal with the monster I become without at least 2 cups a day. Up until last week, I’ve used it to make bold strength cups of coffee to keep me awake, alive, and agreeable. Then finally after reading the manual my husband and I decided to try it’s iced coffee setting. We are both in love with this coffee pot now! It makes iced coffee that can compete with the ones I get daily from Starbucks. We even tried it using the economy sized Kroger brand medium roast and it tastes Amazing. Playdates this summer are gonna be a lot sweeter (and cooler too).

Features I Love

  • Removable Reservoir: If you’re like me you have zero depth perception and has spent too much time cleaning up water that didn’t quite make it into the reservoir.
  • No Carafe: My oldest threw a Christmas ornament for not reason and broke it. Between that, the fact that coffee carafes get hot, and that same toddler is 3 ft. tall,  Having a carafe isn’t an option anymore
  • Iced Coffee Setting: I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of money on Iced coffee from Starbucks, Especially since they now have drive thrus. So , already having cafe quality iced coffee at home means I save money, which every dollar I save is another dollar I can use for my makeup obsession.

Not Convinced? head on over here for a full list of this products features. Already have a favorite coffee maker? tell me what it is and what makes it so great. All coffee pots break sometime and I’d love to already have some ideas lined up for when that day comes.