Coffee Break With Quirky

Hey Guys!

So I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I’d give ya’ll a general update and touching on a few things that have been happening in my quirky worky life. So Earlier this month I was contacted by a brand new ( as of 2016) publication called My Trending Stories. I was offered a chance to be a contributor for them, and of course I accepted as this is my very first opportunity outside of working on my YA fiction and blogging to all you lovely readers ( I’m not just sucking up, you guys are awesome and it always makes me smile when my notifications blow up).  So, if you want to check out my profile on there the link is right here. I am currently writing about more serious stuff over there. My article posted is about being a body positivist and I am currently polishing up an article about Feminism ( I know, it’s a lot heavier than my normal reviews and ramblings, but I decided to bring my more serious passions to the table).

In mom news, Sophia will be starting potty training soon, So you get to hear about all that, and by the end I’ll have some tips for any moms of little ones out there. Also in mom news, I am currently working on a full review of the latest and greatest mom apps/websites Momco and In about a month I will have a full comprehensive review of both and I will be able to tell you if having a sort of dating site for making mom friends is really as great as it sounds.

In nerd news: of you follow me on Instagram you’ll see it there first, but Tomorrow morning my husband and I will be going on a SDCC funko pop hunt, and I will be talking about my experience and what it’s like to be a female collector .

What’s new with you guys? Comment below and tell me how your life is changing. As always you can connect with me on instagram, facebook, and twitter. Just look up quirkyworkymama.

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I’ll Never Be Skinny

I have never been thin. I struggled with my weight and self image from a young age. Always thinking that if I could just be skinny like all the other girls, my life would be so much better. I even went as far as to starve myself after my mother passed away. I thought that if I could be thin and pretty I wouldn’t be so sad, I could be happy again. After only eating when I was close to passing out, I stopped losing weight at a size 12.. Which is still plus sized. No matter how hard I worked to be skinnier I couldn’t get there. At my smallest I was still  a plus sized woman. I was devastated.

163377_107264776113587_2014736064_n Since then I have had 2 kids and gained heaps of self confidence. It doesn’t matter If I’m skinny. I wasn’t meant to be skinny. I’m healthier than I ever have been, and I’m a plus sized woman. My chunky middle and dimpled thighs don’t scare me.  The person looking back at me is someone I’m happy to see. I will never look like the next person’s picture of health. I am my own picture of health.

I’m currently Working on my own health and fitness. I don’t want to be skinny though. I want to be healthy. Less sweets, More veggies, and getting high on endorphins every chance I get. My journey is not some fad to fit into some bikini, or a program where I  count calories and just end up eating the empty ones. It’s taking steps to be a healthier me so I can live the long and happy life I was meant to live with my family.

What daily steps do you guys take to be healthier? What motivates you to be a better you each and every day?

Until Next Time,


Mile A day challenge: Day 5 & 6

Hey guys! I’ve been feeling a little under the weather and didn’t get to walk my mile. I did walk around the block twice ( about 1/2 a mile) both days with my loving husband. My husband did express some sadness that I wanted to take so many walks by myself so I have modified my challenge. 4 days out of the week I will be walking a mile at a brisk pace alone jamming out to my Fit radio, and the other 3 days I will be walking twice around the block at a slower pace with my family ( my husband had back surgery two years ago, so while he can’t work out as intensely as I can, he does want to exercise for his general health) then doing 50 squats on my own. I will continue to modify my workout regimen including rest days when I’m feeling a little fatigued, and eventually rename these health and fitness posts to a quirkier, more relevant name. Do you guys have an exercise regimen? What kind of things do you do to stay healthy and happy?

Until Next Time,


Mile a Day Challenge: Day 4

Today was the all important rest day. Also known as my allergy appointment ( Severe allergy to shellfish). So, I researched other exercise challenges to try as well as tasty salad recipes to prepare for all the nice warm weather ahead of us. I’ve also been trying to use the 6 lbs. of oatmeal that I have lying around the house ( overnight oats anyone?). So, I hope everyone had a nice Wednesday and I’ll be reporting back tomorrow with the my walk 🙂

Until next time


Mile a Day Challenge: Day 3

I’m starting to really feel it in my legs. I finished my mile in 20 minutes, and they felt so achy afterwards, I’m totally feeling like a wimp…. And to think, at one point I walked the entire Las Vegas strip end to end in one night ( I don’t even remember why… being 15  was a weird time for me). I’m not gonna lie, after I took my walk I didn’t feel any better…. I’m still pretty bummed about losing my job. What I did feel however, was content. My legs are very sore and I’m not looking very forward to tomorrow… But I’m committed, 27 days to go. I refuse to quit!


Silk Nutchello Review

So, along with starting an exercise challenge (one of many more to come I might add)  I’ve been trying to eat/drink a lot less sugar…. Because honestly I have a sweet tooth big enough to scare my dentist at cleanings.


Anyways, You could imagine my joy when I saw something new and tasty looking with only 9 grams of sugar! it was sort of something like this:



Silk nutchello is amazing! I am one of those lucky people who doesn’t get sick when eating lactose ( I eat a scary amount of Greek yogurt) but I still love Almond, Soy, and cashew based beverages. I bought the Coconut Cashew and it tasted like something I wanted to chug in front of my fridge at 3 AM straight from the bottle ( Which lucky for me, no one else seemed to like it so I did it guilt free).

SK_Nutchello_TCC.pngFort those of you who have a liquid sweet tooth (mine is more in the form of chocolate and all the things my Mother in law bakes) this isn’t the sweetest beverage. I drink my coffee with cream only and prefer white whole milk to chocolate milk so this was just my speed. Creamy and nutty with a nice coconut flavor. I just finished my bottle and I’m super excited for out next grocery trip so I can sneak one of the other flavors into the basket.

Have you tried Nutchello yet? What are your favorite low sugar drinks?

Until next time



Mile a Day Challenge: Day 2

I gotta be honest guys,  I really didn’t feel like walking today…. I lost my job due to call quality ( I worked customer service). This was my first time ever being fired… So like all reasonable adults, I managed to keep it together until I went outside so I could cry like the adult baby I am while I waited for my husband to come get me.

Imagine this, but with a cute purse and a smart blazer

However, I did take a walk with an old friend beside me pushing my toddler in her stroller. We walked 1.33 miles in 37:03, which to me is pretty average for two people talking. The walk along with talking to my friend made me feel a lot better about my situation. The tears have been wiped and I have a better outlook for the future

images (1)I’ll still be going strong on my challenge. Job or no job. 🙂

Hope you have a good motivational Monday and a good National Margarita Day!



Mile a Day challenge: Day 1


I have made a decision to be a healthier me. My intentions aren’t to lose weight but to have healthier habits so I can live a long, healthy life with my beautiful family. So to kick things off I’m starting with a challenge: Walk a mile a day for 30 days. I’ll be recording my thoughts, feelings, and any changes in my overall attitude, food choices, and health in these 30 days. So, here we go.

Day one!

1.01 miles in 18 minutes. It was a little windy today so I walking against some wind resistance and I did take a road with an incline. I got to see the fancy houses up the road (and by see I mean huff and puff by with envy while jamming out to uptown funk). I used the Fit Radio app to make the walk more enjoyable, and the map my walk app to make sure that I walked a full mile.

Feelings: I felt amazing after my walk. I was walking at a little over a 3 mph pace and my legs were a little jello like, but in a good kind of way. One thing I definitely noticed is that I wasn’t as grumpy as I normally am ( newborns don’t allow you to be fully rested and chipper). I also didn’t rely on coffee to make the world bearable. I’m still feeling content and happy, even though I didn’t take a nap today ( I take a nap everyday btw… I’m a sleepaholic of sorts).

I’m excited for tomorrow. I’ll be huffing and puffing my way to a better me. No wraps, No gimmicks, No pills, and no fad diet. Just making better choices for me, my family, and my friends. Because we all know everyone wants many years of quirky 😉

Until next time