Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette

Excuse the fact that this will be my 3rd blog post in less than 24 hours, I just have so much to tell all of you. The other day I forced my husband to drive 45 minutes so I could get the Too Faced Pb and J palette.  I originally asked for this palette for my birthday, but my husband couldn’t find it in our town or the next closest town with an Ulta. So I got the chance to play with this palette almost a month before I was even supposed to receive it. I’ve actually never had anything from too faced, and I feel like this was an amazing first product for me to get.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The Packaging alone is just super cute! I’ve heard many reviews saying that it’s a little too childish for their tastes, but I think it’s perfect.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

5 shimmery and 4 matte, The colors are perfect for my skin tone and it smells like Peanut Butter! I don’t know about you guys, but makeup that smells like candy is the type of makeup I definitely wanna rub on my face. My husband isn’t complaining either.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Colors from the bottom up: Spread the Love, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Cup, Bananas, Peanut Brittle, Jammin’, Extra Creamy, Jelly, Nuts about U


The color Payoff is amazing and there was no fallout. My favorite shade has to be Nuts about U ( Top) it’s a perfect matte Terra Cotta Brown. Also, if you didn’t already notice, my tattoo is almost completely covered by the shadow and that’s only one swipe using my finger.

Final Verdict: I’m in love. This has replaced my go to palette and I look forward to buying More Too Faced Products, definitely worth the price.

Have you been able to get your hands on this amazing palette? what Too faced product do you recommend I buy next?

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What’s In My Bag!

I have been seeing Videos and posts like this everywhere! So, I thought I’d join in on the fun! Plus, it’s an excuse to show everyone my newest bag that I bought for spring!

KODAK Digital Still Camera


Journal: I always have a journal on me ( I one day hope to have my short stories published) in case I find a spontaneous source of inspiration. I use small 80 pg. journals, so there is always a new one in my purse. The one shown is from a 3 pack for Barnes and Nobles spring collection. I love floral print for spring, so I couldn’t help myself

Pen: I adore the set of pens that this one came in. It’s from the sweet heart set and I snagged these from Barnes and Noble shortly after Valentines Day.

Clif Crunch Bar: These are my favorite granola bars and are really handy for a snack. I’ve been at my new job for almost a month and they have yet to see me eat anything aside from these granola bars. And for anyone who is Vegan or just doesn’t eat dairy, the White chocolate pieces in this bar are made from soy 🙂

Peanuts Moleskin Planner: Being a wife and mother of two, I am constantly jotting down appointments and to do lists. This thing keeps me sane ( plus, it’s super duper cute).

Sunglasses: I’ve been wearing this pair of sunglasses for almost four years now. They are huge, and I adore them. They are always in my purse no matter which one I am carrying.

Wallet: I don’t like big wallets. This one is perfect for me. It’s slim and fits even in my smaller purses. It has a place for everything, and it’s in one of my favorite colors ( If you wanna know about the zipper pull it’s a chibi Teepo and Elise from the game tales of Xilia. I got it for Christmas).

Makeup Bag: I hate the idea of anything spilling on the adorable lining of my bags, so I carry those items in my cute January Ipsy bag to hold them all

Keys: ( Held in Makeup Bag)  I have a toddler who wants to be just like mommy. As cute as that sounds, it also means that I need to lock my makeup case after I’m done using its, and since I seem to lose everything I put them in the one place I never go anywhere without: my purse.

Mirror: Nothing really to say about this, It’s just your run of the mill Compact mirror for Ulta.

Chapstick: (Kept in makeup bag) I never lose my chapstick so I buy my favorite brand every time. Burts Bees is the best Chapstick and I’m loving the vanilla Bean one I have now.

Hand Sanitizer: ( Kept in makeup bag) I use a lot of hand sanitizer ( I finish off 3 a month) and I hate the smell of original germ – x, so I stock up on sanitizer from Bath and Body Works when there’s a good sale and I have a coupon to double up with. Right now I’m working on my cherry champagne toast and I love it.

Hand Cream: ( Kept in makeup bag) As you can clearly see, my poor Tree hut organics hand cream is on it’s last leg and I am squeezing every last drop out of it. I do have a udderly smooth hand cream on my bedside table, so I’ll probably be rotating that in until I finally drive across town for another one.

Lipstick: ( Kept in makeup bag) I like to keep whatever lipstick I’m wearing in my makeup bag just in case. Lately my colour pop matte lipstick in creeper ( shown above) has made many appearances in the makeup bag ( not like I’ve actually every used it for touch ups, the lipstick lasts all day).

Gum: I drink an obscene amount of coffee and without gum I would most likely offend people with my coffee breath ( If anyone tells you coffee breath isn’t that bad, they are liars… It’s horrendous ).

Phone: I know I know, I don’t gasp! have an I phone or a Samsung galaxy! I don’t really want one either. I’m happy with my Alcatel Astro Pop. And I can bet money that All the apps run the same, and my calls sound just as clear. No knock on people who did shell out hundreds for their phone,  I just don’t want to spend that much money on something that I let my 2 year old play baby games on ( Go ahead internet, judge me. No I phone and I let my toddler play with my phone. Worst mom award goes to….).

Epi Pen: Fun fact about me, I have a shellfish and mollusk allergy. I’ve never had either ( shrimp, crab, lobster, crawdads, clams, scallops) I was diagnosed through a routine allergy test as a child, and honestly walking by the seafood counter, don’t think I’m missing much. I can have fish though.

If you were hoping for something crazy, Sorry to disappoint. I am one of those boring people whos purse isn’t a black hole, but it is another look into my life ( and a look at the cute purse. I know I said it was cute already but I’m in the honeymoon purse face so I won’t shut up about it anytime soon).

What do you keep in your purse?

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April Ipsy Bag Review

I have news: This month’s Ipsy bag will be my last glambag. I have decided to look into other beauty subscription boxes. Nothing against Ipsy, I’m just looking to try new things.

Anyways, on to the super awesome review!

KODAK Digital Still Camera


So this month’s theme was dreamer and I received 4 really awesome products. I received:

Tarte LipSurgence lip cream in the color wonder: I love this, It smells like peppermint and feels tingly on my lips. I am a sucker for reds so this is a welcome addition to my red lipstick.

Novex Argan oil deep conditioning hair mask: I love anything that says that it will add moisture to my hair, so this is a welcome addition to the shower. I haven’t used it yet but I do enjoy the smell as well as the fact that it’s 100g  which means if I like it, I can stretch it to 3 or 4 uses.

Crown C427 tapered duo fiber brush: super super soft! I even rubbed it on my youngest’s face and she smiled and laugh ( which babies are the most honest little creatures on earth, so her reviews are trustworthy). I can never have enough brushes, so this one will be joining the others.

Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume: I was really excited for this one. There is no base, heart, or top notes. It’s just one smell (cetalox) that’s used as the very base note in most perfumes. I adore this unique minimalist smell, and the fact that it is allergen free which  is perfect for this time of year when my allergies have me feeling super sensitive.

Trust Fund Beauty That Glo Tho highlighter: I don’t use highlighters too often, but I can appreciate a good one when I see it. This is really creamy and the shade is perfect for my skin.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Top: Trust Fund Beauty that glo tho, Bottom Tarte Lipsurgence in wonder

In my opinion this bag was one of the best that I have received. I may one day return to Ipsy, but for now I want to be a little more adventurous, and while getting makeup tailored to my skin tone, eye color, and personal taste is super awesome, I’m looking for something that will help me get a little more out of the box!

Have you tried Ipsy yet? If you aren’t doing Ipsy, then what beauty subscription box do you like?

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Colourpop Haul!!!

So let me start off by saying this: I ordered these on St. Patrick’s day, and the wit has felt like FOREVER. That being said, hubby left for the mailbox and came back with this lovely envelope:




Isn’t it beautiful? In all it’s dirty mailer bag glory! So, if you haven’t already noticed from my makeup looks or my pictures if you follow me on Instagram ( @quirkyworkymama) you’ll notice that I don’t own any matte lipstick. So, I bought some! Along with some other things of course.


The flash on my phone is a little too bright, so  sorry for the quality. I bought two automatic eyeliners in exit and swerve along with their matching cream eyeliner pots. I also bought two matte lipsticks in the color Creeper & Pacific and one of their satin lipsticks in the color Marshmallow.


Colors going from the bottom are Pacific, Marshmallow, and creeper. I am super excited for Marshmallow and Pacific because I’ve never worn a lipstick in those colors and the red is blue based and perfect for my skin tone. The matte lipstick dries smooth but doesn’t look flaky, and the satin lip color ( marshmallow) looked better than I thought it would against my skin.


The eyeliners are amazingly smooth! I bought these so I could pull of a black and white graphic liner look, and I think these will do amazing for that as well as every day cat eyes and water lining.


So, since we were going out anyways, I thought I’d use Creeper and swerve for today’s look to see how the hold up to mom life. I did not do any reapplying throughout the entire day ( I don’t normally, as I usually have my arms full of little people). I applied the lipstick at about 2:30 pm, and immediately after it dried, my toddler put her hand on my mouth in a devious plot to take some of mommy’s makeup. It didn’t budge one bit and I had a huffy toddler after that.


So, I did  put them through the eating and drinking test!  I sipped on a Venti iced Americano and the result was lips just as red as I started with no smudging or feathering. Next, hours later I ate a panda bowl. As you can see in the close up off my lips ( the color is inaccurate because of the flash they were 100% still red) there was a bit of lipstick that traveled to the corners of my mouth, but it was nothing that a few dabs with a napkin didn’t fix.



I of course took a picture after arriving home at 10 pm. still Red, no fading, smudging, and none traveling to my teeth.

Final thought: I adore Colourpop cosmetics. The liner didn’t crease or drift down into the dreaded raccoon eye and the lipstick looked the same when I started my day as when I ended it. 10/10 and a big thumbs up of approval from Quirky Worky Mama!

Have you tried any new cosmetics/ cosmetic companies before? Did you find anything good? and remember you can find me on Facebook ( Karin Hulbert), Twitter, and Instagram ( @quirkyworkymama).

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March 18th Haul

Hello Hello,

Like I said before in my March glambag post I’ve been very busy, and I’m squeezing these posts out all at once while the husband and babies are fast asleep. So, we’ve been doing some shopping lately, and of course I bought some beauty relate items! I went to Walmart, Sallys, and Ulta and scored some pretty good stuff, so I thought I’d share with you guys.





First off is Sally’s. Didn’t get a whole lot from there, but normally I never go in to browse, I go in just to get what I need. I got some Micro Tweeze wax, a rat tail comb, a  larger rat tail comb with wide spacing ( I bought them mostly for parting my hair), and some BTZ noodle hair curl cream.




Walmart: I was in need pf mostly some more brushes. I got 2 angles eyeliner brush and one of the bent eyeliner brushes ( I’m expecting a package soon that I’l be using all those for, so stay tuned for that). I also got two things I had never bought before: blending sponges and setting powder. after using both products I am in love! the powder feels better on my face than the spray and my makeup has never looked smoother. Super happy i picked both of these up.



When I went into Ulta I promised my husband I would only pick from the clearance. That din’t stop me from finding some great stuff. I found 2 Splat! washable hair colors in Pink and purple. I also snagged some yes to grapefruit under eye cream for dark circles ( it works really good, if anyone wants to know). My favorite find from here ( and for the entire haul) has to be the pacifica dreamy cover bare faced serum foundation. it was on sale for $8.95 ( $17 on their website) and It is the greatest foundation I’ve every used. It’s a light breathable coverage, a little goes a long way, and it is the best match I’ve ever found for my skin hands down ( It adjusts to your skin tone!).

What have you guys been finding lately?

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March Glambag Review!!

Guys, I have to admit, my glambag was delivered the 17th, I got it on the 18th, and I’m just now doing the review. I’ve been super busy getting clothes out of storage and  buying clothes for the upcoming warm months, So without further rambling, here is my super awesome glambag!

Be a Bombshell baked bronzer in heat wave: I’ve never actually used a bronzer before. Up until the past few years my sun has been naturally tan, but now it seems like I’ve paled up a bit, so I welcome something new to give my skin that sun kissed look it no longer has.

Marc Anthony 3 day smooth perfect blow dry cream: Ipsy kind of dropped the ball on this one, as you may have noticed by now I have curly hair ( I even wrote a post on taking care of curls), so a cream like this isn’t of much use. I did pass it on to my mother in law though, so she was excited to see how it works.

NoTS 28 remedy balancing toner: I’ve thrown this into my nightly skin care routine, and I love it! It works wonders on my T – zone and I’ve noticed a lot less oiliness ( somehow even with the biore pore strips it oils up the next day, thank you combination skin).

Vera Mona lotus eye shadow in clover: super s and smooth, great color, and nice build up. However, because of my skin tone, it looks pretty bland, and I was hoping for something that really popped

Illamasqua precision ink in Abyss: I had never heardof this brand before, but they make great liquid liner. I was starting to get discouraged about doing cat eye makeup after buying the elf felt tipped liner ( it flakes off throughout the day no matter what priming and setting you try), so this liner was a welcome addition to my box, and this is the 3rd day I’ve worn it, and I can never get tired of the staying power on this liner.

All in all, I’d give this bag a 6/10. While that liner alone is a 10/10, my hair type seemed to be completely ignored this month.

What did you guys get in your ipsy bag:? And if you don’t have ipsy, what’s holding you back?

Until next time,


Biore Charcoal Pore Strip Review

*Warning: this post contains pictures of a pore strip covered in nasty gunk from my pores. If you don’t wanna see it, tune in another time for a less gunky post*

So last night I was binge watching Pretty Little Liars ( Not even gonna lie about it, I love that show) on the free form website ( dumb name) and I kept seeing an ad for the new Biore Baking soda line. Then I got to thinking about how I hadn’t even tried there charcoal line yet! So today I ran into to Walmart and grabbed the Charcoal Pore strips. I have always had a love hate relationship with Biore Pore strips. While effective, they don’t quite get all the blackheads ( specifically the ones in that word crease where the nose and face connects) leaving my nose clean and refreshed but ultimately still spotted.

On to the review!

So,  to start with I steamed my face ( the post says to wash your face but I had taken a shower shortly before and I hadn’t put product on yet). Then I drenched my nose in water, applied the strip, and waited the allotted 10 minutes while sending out a few e – mails. The first thing I noticed after a few minutes is  a slight tingling sensation ( refreshing and pleasant one, not the  I know I’m allergic to this tingle).

unnamed (6)


When It was time to take it off, there was an irritating tugging ( on a pain scale of 1 to a bikini wax I’d say it was plucking your eye brows). As you can see in the picture above there was some black residue left behind, I’ve had the same experience with the other Biore strips leaving a white residue behind, so this is nothing new. Note: After taking off the strip I did use some called water to close my pores back up, but I did take the pictures before I added my moisturizer.

Ready for the before and afters? Now, all these pictures are super duper unflattering. We’re all buddies here, and buddies don’t say mean things about their buddy’s up close pics of their nose, noses aren’t cute people! with that said:

I couldn’t get a decent picture of the front of my nose before, but it was very oily


My lovely nose dirt and oiliness in all it’s fascinatingly disgusting glory.


The super sexy after photos. As you can see, there’s a little bit of irritation and, although my nose looks cleaner, and there’s the instantly gratifying physical proof of there moved gunk, there are still clusters of black heads in that lovely nose crease.

My Opinion: my nose is baby smooth ( my husband caught me rubbing it like some kind of crazed skin care maniac) and there is less oiliness and black heads. It didn’t do anything better or different in comparison to their classic or ultra deep clean strips. I’m giving this product a 9/10 it does everything it says it does, but it doesn’t quite get into the spots you really need it the way you’d want it to, but otherwise a great product for kick – starting your skin care routine for the week.

What do you guys use to try to combat black heads? I’d love to hear abut your skin care routine!

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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Eye Makeup

If you couldn’t already tell, trying to cut out sweets has me thinking about them non stop ( I was looking at cake print makeup brushes at forever 21). I wasn’t going to post anything until my next glambag as I am currently planning a day trip to Broomfield ( First trip with the 2 littles under 2). But, after doing my makeup for the day I decided I looked too cute not to post 😛


Products used: Wet n Wild color icon shadow singles in sugar (inner corners) and cheeky (middle of the lid), Peony cosmetics Shadow trio, E.l.f Defining and lengthening mascara in black, E.l.f brightening eyeliner in black.

I thought this was a nice simple look for the day and is actually very similar to the makeup I wear going to church functions.

What makeup did you wear today? comment below your favorite everyday look.

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I chopped off my hair!

I decided on a whim to cut my own hair. I know, when most people say that their hair looks like a mess and you want to rush them into the nearest salon to get it fixed. I promise this isn’t the case.

before cut


So this is what I was starting with. My hair had gotten pretty long since my trim in May. Along with the lovely length came the realization that my curls were starting to weigh themselves down, and they were taking on the look of loose waves instead of their normal fabulous corkscrews. So, I decided on a change.


After about half an hour in the bathroom I came up with this. It’s a lob with a shorter top layer to give it a nice rounded fro look. 🙂  I absolutely love it and immediately ran out to the store to buy a few little black bows to clip in 😀

So what do you think of my new hair? Do you cut your own hair or do you leave it to the professionals?

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Dollar Tree Haul!!!

If you couldn’t already tell, I like wandering around the dollar tree in search of makeup. I’m a very savvy (cheap) person and at this point, the only way I’ve been obtaining makeup ( to feed the habit) is the dollar store and my monthly Ipsy glambag. Luckily for me there are 5 dollar trees near me. Anyways, today was a pretty good day for the dollar tree. I found a Milani Lip Gloss, an Elf HD blush in the color Diva, a Wet n Wild sharpener,  an Elf smudge pot in the color brownie points, and two NYC sparkle eye dusts in the colors amethyst dazzle and bronze shimmer



Top: Milani Lip Gloss, Bottom: Elf HD blush

Let me start off by saying that I thought the lip gloss was orange ( the dollar tree doesn’t have the best lighting). That being said, even with the disappointment regarding color it is a really nice hot pink and the smell reminds me of a chocolate lip smackers gloss ( oh the glossy lipped junior high nostalgia!). It’s definitely a keeper and will be great at summer play dates when touching up your makeup seems to be an unspoken no no.

The HD blush: Super concentrated! The swatch above is one pump! a little definitely goes a long way, and like most ELF face products it comes in a pump ( which I love). I was a little unsure of the brightness of the pink, but I think it will be perfect for a date night when I can no longer rely on winter winds to give my cheeks a nice flush ( I’m not kidding, I don’t even need blush December – March).

Top to bottom: Brownie Points, Amethyst Dazzle, Bronze Shimmer


Smudge Pot: I love love love my blue Cream eyeliner and this has the same smooth consistency! It will be perfect for my go to church look ( Which I will eventually tutorial).

Eye Sparkles: The color concentration is amazing and these are super blend -able. I already had the Aquamarine sparkle from a past haul, so I already knew I loved these before I headed to the checkout.

Sharpener: Sharpened all my pencils and way better than using the sharpener that comes on top of the liner. No complaints.

You guys find anything good lately? Remember to like me on facebook ( Karin Marie Hulbert) or follow me on twitter & instagram ( quirkyworkymama)

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