Thanksgiving Gold

Hey everyone,

Today will be the exciting start to a series! I will  be showing 5 holiday looks Between now and new years! Each post will include live up – to – date links of the makeup I’m wearing as well as the clothes. ( Please keep in mind some of the clothes and shoes I wear will not be available as I’ve had them for years). So, as we usher in the winter season and say goodbye to fall colors and Pumpkin lattes, I thought I’d do a look to end fall with a glittery farewell ( and we all know how much I love glitter).


I used fall fall colors with a bright purple pop for the outfit itself. I love cardigans and this one if probably my favorite. I did also wear ( not pictured) congac colored heeled booties with ruffled boot socks.

Shirt: Basic white V neck Tee from Torrid  ( any white tee will do of course).

Cardigan: Mustard Cardigan from Rue21 ( Not currently available online, I bought this back in August )

Scarf: Apt. 9 Floral print Blanket scarf: (Christmas gift from 2 years ago)

Jeans: Rue21  High waist Flex Jeggings 

Socks: Rue21 Ruffled Boot Sock

Shoes: Torrid Congac Lace Up Booties

For the makeup, I wanted something Natural with a punch of glitter. I chose not to do lashes or eyeliner ( Which would be an amazing addition to the look) so that all the focus went to that gold glitter inner corner. ( Excuse the photos, I’m currently in the works of creating a little corner for myself, but for now I’m improvising).

Now on to the products used! The only thing not pictured here would be the It cosmetics bye bye under eye. I don’t actually own this concealer, I got it as a sample in my mail call from Ulta ( My normal concealer is the makeup Revolution Concealer Palette). Anyways, on to the pictured products.


Smash box primers: I purchased the try it smash box primer authority try it kit. I used all four primers ( under eye, shadow, primer water, and foundation primer) for this look. Any primers will do the trick, and if you don’t have under eye primer, no problem! I just personally need some extra help in the under eye department

Foundation: I used a spray foundation from PUR in the color medium ( also comes in light, tan, and dark). A little goes a long way with this foundation, so I sprayed it on my cheeks and forehead blending it out to the rest of my face with a beauty blender.

Concealer: Like I said above, I did use a under eye primer, and after that I did go in with a color correcting concealer kit from Ulta. I focused specifically on my under eyes using yellow to even out and yellow to brighten.Then I went in with the bye bye under eye (link above), warming it up on my finger before dabbing it on and blending it all in.  After that I patted some Nyx #nofilter finishing powder in the color medium olive. Before you say anything, I already know they make translucent setting powders for the under eye. my personal preference  is a finishing powder, and there really is no wrong way to do makeup.

Brows: So, another set purchase I made was the Benefit bigger Bolder brows kit that comes with 3 full sized brow products and a brow stencil thing, It ended up being $34 for the whole set which is an awesome deal. Plus, it comes in a super cute tin.

Contour: When I bought this contour palette I didn’t have high expectations for the highlight shades. I was blown out of the water by all three of them. My favorite has to be the super pigmented opal highlight that I wore for my Vegas makeup look. for this look I did the warm gold shade and contoured with the two darkest shades

Eyes: Finally at the fun part! I had fun playing in my new palettes ( I almost didn’t want to stop) and when it finally came to put on the glitter I had to take a deep breath and think for a while to keep myself from going crazy. these past few days have been my first experience with cosmetic glitter, and I couldn’t have asked for a better more comfortable experience. I’ve been using NYX face and body glitter and I would totally recommend it!

Anyways, I started with the too faced Merry Macaroons palette, using the shade coconut as a base, then going in with a fluffy blender brush I used an Ulta single shadow in the color Camel as a transition shade. Dipping back into the too faced palette with the same brush, I used the shade Tiramisu to blend out the crease. Then taking a smaller crease brush I dipped into milk chocolate to blend out the crease and outer edge. Next I grabbed the naked basics palette, and dipped my detailer brush in Painter, defining the crease and c curve, then blended it out with a blending brush and more milk chocolate. Then I used a large shadow brush to pat Tiramisu over the entire lid and then used a small shadow brush to pat champagne kiss over the center. Using a slanted eyeliner brush I I patted cookies in cream on my lash line and praline on my inner corner. After blending the colors together with a flat eyeliner brush, I used that same slanted liner brush to pat primer and glitter at my inner corners.

Finishing touches: I swiped in a couple of coats of Too Faced’s better than sex mascara ( comes with the pallette). Then I used a coconut water finishing spray that I picked up from Walmart, I’m 90% sure it’s from hard candy cosmetics. After using my finishing spray I used Too faced melted chocolate ( another value set purchase. came with 4 lip products).

And their you have it, A natural makeup look with a pop of gold for the ( sad) impending end of the fall season.  What are you guys doing for the holiday? Comment below and tell me how you plan to slay the holiday! As always thank you for reading and don’t forget to stalk me on social media.

Happy Holidays,


Vegas Vacay Makeup

Hey everyone,

I recently found out that is looking for people to create a day and night makeup look inspired by Las Vegas and everything their is to offer there. I did previously get the chance to live in Vegas which allowed me to experience it not only as a tourist but a local too, so I hope you enjoy my take on a Las Vegas inspired look.

I did decide to do a very versatile daytime look. what’s special about this look is that I did use several primers and setting sprays for staying power that will hold even in that bright Sin City sun.

I almost did a completely different look starting from scratch, but then I realized; If I was on vacation I wouldn’t want to take off my entire face just to put it back on.. So what I did was make it nightlife friendly. I added some dark black wispy lashes for some flirty drama, and put a glittery twist on a classic red lip, because c’mon, what would a Vegas inspired look be without some show girl style glittery glam?

Planning an impromptu Vegas getaway? Head over here to see hot deals on the flight.

As always, I want to thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoyed this Vegas inspired look. Comment below, and make sure you follow me on social media ( because you’re all dying to know about the random stuff I see around town).

Happy Holidays!



Mail Call!!

It’s been so long since I’ve been on to post! I am super exited to show you everything that I have planned to show you this holiday season. I’ve been honing my skills in the makeup department, so I can bring all of you better content!So I thought I’d start off the season with a Mail Call!! I received multiple boxes, and  (Spoiler alert) They are all makeup and clothes. So let’s get down to what we all know you came here for….


I won’t be providing links for all this because 1. you’re going to see them in later posts with links and 2.The entire post would end up including over 60 links… and I know you don’t want to click that many links.

My wonderfully large Ulta haul. It is mostly makeup, but there are a few nail and hair products in there. I’m going to be honest with you guys, I didn’t think about where I was going to fit anything until I had taken all these pictures. Then I complained about having too much stuff because my first world problem was super dire.

Another Babble blurb:: can we just take a moment to appreciate how I’ve gotten a little better with my picture taking. I even bough a furry white pillow to use asa backdrop for tiny things ( Sadly enough that was my entire motivation to buy this pillow, I’m not joking guys, I didn’t want to pay for a white rug).

So to wrap things up, I will be telling you a little more about upcoming posts all the while, still being annoyingly vague. There’s going to be lots of makeup looks and I am excited to say I will also be incorporating the clothes and accessories I wear into posts ( Just so long as my husband takes the photos the way I like 😛 ). So stay tuned and get ready for some quirky goodness in your holiday season.


Happy Holidays!


Coffee Break With Quirky

Hey Guys!

So I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I’d give ya’ll a general update and touching on a few things that have been happening in my quirky worky life. So Earlier this month I was contacted by a brand new ( as of 2016) publication called My Trending Stories. I was offered a chance to be a contributor for them, and of course I accepted as this is my very first opportunity outside of working on my YA fiction and blogging to all you lovely readers ( I’m not just sucking up, you guys are awesome and it always makes me smile when my notifications blow up).  So, if you want to check out my profile on there the link is right here. I am currently writing about more serious stuff over there. My article posted is about being a body positivist and I am currently polishing up an article about Feminism ( I know, it’s a lot heavier than my normal reviews and ramblings, but I decided to bring my more serious passions to the table).

In mom news, Sophia will be starting potty training soon, So you get to hear about all that, and by the end I’ll have some tips for any moms of little ones out there. Also in mom news, I am currently working on a full review of the latest and greatest mom apps/websites Momco and In about a month I will have a full comprehensive review of both and I will be able to tell you if having a sort of dating site for making mom friends is really as great as it sounds.

In nerd news: of you follow me on Instagram you’ll see it there first, but Tomorrow morning my husband and I will be going on a SDCC funko pop hunt, and I will be talking about my experience and what it’s like to be a female collector .

What’s new with you guys? Comment below and tell me how your life is changing. As always you can connect with me on instagram, facebook, and twitter. Just look up quirkyworkymama.

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The Color That’s Part of my Everyday Life

Today I teamed up with Glossier to share my some of my favorite things! I love to be bright and colorful, in terms of makeup, fashion, and everyday life in general ( including my life as a gamer). So I thought I’d show the color that’s part of my life the most which is the amazing and fabulous PINK!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

From my controller to my perfume and favorite beauty products, I live, breathe, and love pink!!!!

And in case you were wondering about all products shown….

  1. Perfume: I am Happy from Maurices
  2. Hand lotion: Eos, in the scent cherry blossom.
  3. Lipstick ( silver container) Maybelline Color sensational matte lipstick in #682 blushing pout
  4. Lipstick ( Black Container) elf moisturizing lipstick in Pink Minx
  5. Lip Gloss: Julep in Graceful
  6. Nail Polish ( bright pink) Julep’s Viki in their classic with a twist 2014 collection
  7. Nail Polish ( light pink) Covergirl outlast stay brilliant nail gloss in constant candy
  8. Blush: elf HD blush in Diva
  9. Eyeshadow: wet n wild color icon in cheeky
  10. Kirby Plush: Gamestop
  11. Ps3 controller: Ebay

So what color is part of your everyday life?

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Finding Cute Clothes on a Budget

I’m back guys, and I bought some batteries! Now, the things I’m about to write are from me as a tall plus sized woman with larger feet, but the tips I’m giving can 100% be used for any  woman ( or man) of any height, shape, or shoe size. Saving money and being fashionable is for everyone, but don’t be shocked when some of the places I list are plus sized retailers. So, I’m not going to get into super specefic measurements via hips and bust size… But I will tell you I am 6’1, wear size 12 women’s shoes, and I wear a size 2x/3x and a 22/24. So, as anyone who is overly tall ( or short), plus sized ( or very petite), and has big feet ( or tiny feet) we all know the intense struggle of finding clothes that fit our body in the right way.



I have a variety of tips and tricks for dressing the way you want on a budget, and it includes a sneak peak into my wardrobe ( even after Cleaning out my closet for donation I still have TONS of clothes). So lets begin this super awesome post!!!!  Note: I am not a good photographer, especially not when I’m taking pictures of clothes absent of people inside them, so bear with me. 🙂

  1. Buy pieces that will work for multiple seasons
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Bought from ( left to right ) Ross, Ross, Forever 21, and Maurice’s ( all under $20)

If you follow my instagram you’ll clearly see that I love kimonos, cardigans, and blazers. I have accumulated quite a few over the years and I wear these from March all the way to December ( which if the temp is above 45 in the winter you can find me layering these over long sleeved shirts and sweaters). Stretch the wear of your clothes as far as you can and you’ll see that the money you save on pieces you stretch can get you something you really want.

2. Take care of your clothes!!!!

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Bought from ( left to right) Maurices, Torrid, Maurices

That maroon sweater in the picture before the one above has been in my closet for 2 years. I paid $12 dollars for it. It’s in great shape and I expect it to last many more years to come. I have a pair of capris I bought at a Walmart that were bought 4 years ago. If you take care of your clothes you won’t constantly be buying new ones. Clothes are an investment. follow their care instructions and don’t be messy with your food. I have two kids and I’ve managed to keep all my white clothes in excellent condition.Don’t be afraid to baby your clothes, you have to wear them after all.

3. Sales are your best friend

I’m not telling you  I buy everything on sale. I would be flat out lying if I did. I do however go to the sales rack immediately when I enter the store, and even when I go online shopping. The pictures above are just a few things I have found on sale. I got the furry vest for under 20 ( normally around $45) the puffer vest for $2 ( Normally $34) ,, The cute bracelet for $4.95 ( normally $12.95) and The earrings were 1$ ( normally $6) because I bought the moon necklace with the blue stone. a few days ago my local Maurices was having a 40% off purses sale. I combined that with a $10 off birthday coupon and got a $44 purse for $17.62. My recommendations: If you are in search of accessories, I recommend Hot topic, they run buy one get on $1 sales on accessories, and overall have some pretty decent clearance prices in their store. If you are looking more for clothes, I recommend Rue 21. They run the same kind of sales ( buy 1 get 1 $1 or $3 or $5) and the price of their products are overall pretty low. They are a teen store ( I went school shopping their in middle school) but if you take your time and look closely, you’ll find stuff for those with more adult taste ( or if you are a teen reading this, go nuts that place is awesome).

4. Buy things at the right time

Left to Right: Rue 21, Maurices, Maurices

Lets get real guys, winter rolls around, you’re cold, and you aren’t even thinking about wearing skirts, camis, or sandals. I am though, Shortly after Christmas, I ordered myself summer capris, camis, and sunglasses. I paid $50 for the 6 items I received, and I was pretty much set for summer days chasing my toddler at the park. Now that summer is here, I see people lined up with shorts paying full price, and I’m scoping out the sale section for cheap sweaters. I do the same for my kids as well. Do we still buy a few things here and there once the season comes around? Of course I do, but I don’t have to worry about having to buy it all.

5. Know that you will never find everything you need cheaply

I know, I know, I told you guys this was about getting clothes at a cheap price. In a perfect world, I’d be able to buy jeans with a 32 inch inseam for $10. This is not a perfect world, and I’m dropping at least $50 for jeans that fit me and make me feel good about myself. I can get socks and underwear on amazing sales, but bras and shoes have me dropping a pretty penny. While I wish I could find em super cheap, I will say the way I shop for the things I can get on sale and cheap helps me absorb the blow of paying that price for jeans ( and taking care of my clothes means that I won;t have to absorb that blow too often).

6. Clothes for Christmas

this past winter, we were rushing to get Christmas presents and stuff for our incoming baby that we didn’t have enough money to get myself a pair of boots. My mother in law asked me what I want for Christmas so I said just a pair of boots.Christmas rolls around and I receive a pair of black knee high boots and grey ankle boots. So, if you are wanting that cute shirt but can’t swing the $30 price tag, it’s a perfect birthday/Christmas present for you then. As adults, Christmas and birthdays are perfect times to ask for practical thing you need or something you want but don’t have enough money to  buy yourself ( just you know, don’t ask for too much. The spirit of giving isn’t infinite).

I hope you guys enjoyed my tips on getting clothes that fit you on a budget. Below I’ll list off some stores that have great sales/ are inexpensive all together.

Rue 21

Rainbow Shops

Rue 21


Comment below and tell me where you love to shop or what makes it hard for you to find good clothes that fit.

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Perfectly Posh Product Review

I recently signed up to be a product reviewer for Perfectly Posh through a fellow blogger and received the products a few days ago. I have to tell you guys, I was super excited to do my first review on products that I didn’t pick out and purchase. Anyways, what I received was a sample of four different products: The Easy Peasy Lemon Chunk bar,The Complexion Perfection daily face wash, Moisture 911 lightweight moisturizer, and the hot mess hand cream.


Let me star on this one by telling you I’m a shower gel kind of girl. I haven’t used bar soap since grade school and I never wanted to again.. Until I tried this bar. It smells amazing and doesn’t leave my skin dry ( which is the main reason why I traded in ivory b ars for creamy washes so long ago) and on top of that, the fragrance isn’t intense or overpowering. Which being a lover of perfume, overpowering fragrances in soap is a deal breaker. while I still have an alligence to my favorite  shower gel, I would totally shell out the $9 to use on my kids ( my toddler  a big fan of the run of the mill baby soap smell).



As a self declared hand cream  queen, I am always super excited to try a new one. That being said, this is the creamiest hand cream I’ve ever used! It soaks in quickly, and I don’t know how many of you have ever smelled the j lo love at first glow perfume, ( my mom’s favorite and most used perfume when I was growing up) but this smells identical. It was like stepping into a hug from my mom… So to say I loved the smell was an understatement.


These two products were used as a dynamic duo on my face. The complexion perfection was thick, creamy, and while it contained much less walnut shell than I’m used to, it felt amazing and sloughed away the excess of dead skin I’ve been collecting from my super busy mom life. Moisturize 911 is just as amazing. The orange scent made me happy. As did the creamy moisturizer that was thick and light weight all at the same time.

Overall, I would highly recommend any of these products! I encourage all of you to check out Perfectly Posh and check out tall the amazing products ( plus all of their products are under $25).

Until Next Time,






















My War On Skirts ( and other tall girl problems)

Some of you may not know this; but I’m tall. Bare foot I measure 6’1. I’ve been tall most of my life and I stopped growing 6 years ago ( 6’1 at 14 was not an awesome high school experience). and if you tuned into my getting rid of clothes post, you’ll notice that I mentioned owning dresses and skirts even though I hate them. So I thought, today I’d focus on explaining the love hate relationship with skirts and dresses. Plus throw in some tall girl troubles for us to laugh at.

mfDILiOI won’t lie to you: I think dresses are super cute. the only problem is, most of the cute dresses and skirts I bring home, aren’t made for someone as tall as I am. I can see my calves in maxi skirts, and my underwear would be on full view if I stepped out of the house in the skater dresses I’ve bought. It just doesn’t work…. As much as I wish that those super cute skirts worked for me, for now I’ll stick to capris and palazzo pants this summer.


Now for the fun part. I get to talk about all my tall girl problems. This in no way means I’m not comfortable with who I am. I love my height just as much as I love my curly hair. But with everything comes a little bit of struggle. 🙂


I’m pretty sure I’m half legs, and while the hair is slow growing, every week I’m in the shower 15 extra minutes shaving. I’m not being dramatic either. If I have to detangle AND shave in the same shower trip I will use all the hot water, and then continue for a little while in the cold.


I know there isn’t anything saying tall girls can’t wear heels ( I mean, except for all those people who should shut their yaps). But after years of being told I’m too tall to wear heels, I’d probably break my neck wearing them.

                                                        Even More Tall Girl Problem

  1. I’m longer than my bed
  2. people make that “how’s the weather up there?” joke.
  3. My knees touch the top of any desk I sit at
  4.  I have to special order my pants ( hello 33 in. inseam).
  5. You can see my wrists in long sleeve shirts and jackets


So how about you guys? Do you struggle with tall or short girl problems? Comment below and tell me what height struggles you experience.

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Getting Rid of Clothes

I’ve come to realize that I have a problem: I am a clothes hoarder.


I know, I know that sounds like a good thing, but I don’t just hoard clothes for me, I hoard clothes for the other 3 members of my family. Both my Toddler and my 5 month old each have enough clothes to fill a 7 drawer dresser…. EACH! I mean, just think of how small baby and toddler clothes are….


Between our small 4 person family we have accumulated 3 tall hampers and 6 short hampers full ( and by full I mean overflowing) of clothes. So, we are purging out are closets. I never thought something so simple would be so painful.


I will admit, This problem isn’t a new one…. I walked into my marriages with my own personal boutique…  I picked up a pair of leggings that I hadn’t worn since before I was pregnant with our oldest…. She’s almost 2. I also own tons of dresses and skirts: I hate dresses and skirts ( which I will probably rant about that love hate relationship some other time). being the super awesome plus sized fashionista that I am ( almost forgot the sarc mark on the fashionista part) i’ve learned to take good care of my clothes because it’s 1. expensive and 2. takes a lot of leg work to find clothes that will work for me. That being said, I don’t get rid of stuff until it’s broken. I have clothes that have lived in my closet longer that I’ve been with my husband. and it’s time for them to go.

greater numbers


That’s not to say I won’t be shopping for more clothes. I run into cute clothes for me, my kids, and my husband weekly. The only difference is, precious hanger and drawer space won’t be wasted on 7 pairs of pajama pants. The clothes we don’t wear will be going on to do bigger and better things; they will be donated to a local church that supplies clothing and goods to over 10,000 families in need.

Any of you guys hoarding? Comment below and tell me what you have way too much of.  ( obviously my hoarding includes toys, shoes, makeup, and mugs too… but that’s another project for another day).

Until Next Time,
































Quirky Turns 20! ( Swatches and Review inside)

If you haven’t already connected with me on Instagram ( @quirkworkymama ) you wouldn’t have noticed my hashtag ( #quirkyturns20 ) scattered across my feed. Today was my 20th birthday and I spent the day up in the mountains drinking Lavender Chai lattes and buying pretty rocks ( which, with that a super awesome announcement will be on the way ). I also got tons on super amazing presents, including the Urban Decay through the looking glass palette. And because I love all of my blog readers so much, I am only sharing my swatches on here ( everyone else doesn’t have the super awesome privilege of seeing these amazing shades on my skin, I know SUCH a privilege ).

Guys, Let me start off by saying this is the prettiest Palette I’ve ever own. I would buy this just for the box. Even long after these shadows are gone I will be keeping this box. Now, for what I know all of you came here for: Swatches!!!!

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Colors ( Top to bottom ) Looking Glass, Reflection, Dormouse, Metamorphasis

The first Column of shadows is Named Alice. It has nice neutrals with a pop of blue.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Colors: Hatter, gone mad, paradox, cake

The Second Column Hatter is my very favorite! so many bright colors embodying everything that is the mad hatter ( swoon)

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Colors: Lily, Duchess, Kingdom, Chessboard

Pictures do the Mirana Column no justice. The top shade lily is beautifully iridescent. it brings a cute spin to a more neutral look ( which is normally my everyday look , so I need something like this).

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Colors: Heads will Roll, Bandersnatch, Salazen Grum, Royal Flush

Can we talk about that Salazen Grum shade. It’s like a candy apple rolled in pixie dust. I can’t stop looking at it!

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Colors: Time, Dream on, Chronosphere, Mirror

I don’t do smokey eyes, but I’m about to start. I can literally picture a romantic evening out with my husband glammed out with these smoky colors.

You guys placing an order yet? I totally urge you too, If not for the fandom, for the amazing color saturation, satiny feel, and zero fall out! I’ve never had urban decay shadows before this and I am now 100% hooked! you guys buy any good palettes lately?  Stay tuned for my big announcement coming soon ( it is literally the reason I haven’t posted in almost a month so it’s gonna be good, trust me)

Until Next Time,