Vegas Vacay Makeup

Hey everyone,

I recently found out that is looking for people to create a day and night makeup look inspired by Las Vegas and everything their is to offer there. I did previously get the chance to live in Vegas which allowed me to experience it not only as a tourist but a local too, so I hope you enjoy my take on a Las Vegas inspired look.

I did decide to do a very versatile daytime look. what’s special about this look is that I did use several primers and setting sprays for staying power that will hold even in that bright Sin City sun.

I almost did a completely different look starting from scratch, but then I realized; If I was on vacation I wouldn’t want to take off my entire face just to put it back on.. So what I did was make it nightlife friendly. I added some dark black wispy lashes for some flirty drama, and put a glittery twist on a classic red lip, because c’mon, what would a Vegas inspired look be without some show girl style glittery glam?

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As always, I want to thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoyed this Vegas inspired look. Comment below, and make sure you follow me on social media ( because you’re all dying to know about the random stuff I see around town).

Happy Holidays!




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