Colourpop Haul!!!

So let me start off by saying this: I ordered these on St. Patrick’s day, and the wit has felt like FOREVER. That being said, hubby left for the mailbox and came back with this lovely envelope:




Isn’t it beautiful? In all it’s dirty mailer bag glory! So, if you haven’t already noticed from my makeup looks or my pictures if you follow me on Instagram ( @quirkyworkymama) you’ll notice that I don’t own any matte lipstick. So, I bought some! Along with some other things of course.


The flash on my phone is a little too bright, so  sorry for the quality. I bought two automatic eyeliners in exit and swerve along with their matching cream eyeliner pots. I also bought two matte lipsticks in the color Creeper & Pacific and one of their satin lipsticks in the color Marshmallow.


Colors going from the bottom are Pacific, Marshmallow, and creeper. I am super excited for Marshmallow and Pacific because I’ve never worn a lipstick in those colors and the red is blue based and perfect for my skin tone. The matte lipstick dries smooth but doesn’t look flaky, and the satin lip color ( marshmallow) looked better than I thought it would against my skin.


The eyeliners are amazingly smooth! I bought these so I could pull of a black and white graphic liner look, and I think these will do amazing for that as well as every day cat eyes and water lining.


So, since we were going out anyways, I thought I’d use Creeper and swerve for today’s look to see how the hold up to mom life. I did not do any reapplying throughout the entire day ( I don’t normally, as I usually have my arms full of little people). I applied the lipstick at about 2:30 pm, and immediately after it dried, my toddler put her hand on my mouth in a devious plot to take some of mommy’s makeup. It didn’t budge one bit and I had a huffy toddler after that.


So, I did  put them through the eating and drinking test!  I sipped on a Venti iced Americano and the result was lips just as red as I started with no smudging or feathering. Next, hours later I ate a panda bowl. As you can see in the close up off my lips ( the color is inaccurate because of the flash they were 100% still red) there was a bit of lipstick that traveled to the corners of my mouth, but it was nothing that a few dabs with a napkin didn’t fix.



I of course took a picture after arriving home at 10 pm. still Red, no fading, smudging, and none traveling to my teeth.

Final thought: I adore Colourpop cosmetics. The liner didn’t crease or drift down into the dreaded raccoon eye and the lipstick looked the same when I started my day as when I ended it. 10/10 and a big thumbs up of approval from Quirky Worky Mama!

Have you tried any new cosmetics/ cosmetic companies before? Did you find anything good? and remember you can find me on Facebook ( Karin Hulbert), Twitter, and Instagram ( @quirkyworkymama).

Until Next Time,









































































































































9 thoughts on “Colourpop Haul!!!

  1. They all look like lovely shades. I was heartbroken to find out they do not ship where I wanted them too, colour pop looks like it has great highlighters too 🙂 love your blog 💙


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