March Glambag Review!!

Guys, I have to admit, my glambag was delivered the 17th, I got it on the 18th, and I’m just now doing the review. I’ve been super busy getting clothes out of storage and  buying clothes for the upcoming warm months, So without further rambling, here is my super awesome glambag!

Be a Bombshell baked bronzer in heat wave: I’ve never actually used a bronzer before. Up until the past few years my sun has been naturally tan, but now it seems like I’ve paled up a bit, so I welcome something new to give my skin that sun kissed look it no longer has.

Marc Anthony 3 day smooth perfect blow dry cream: Ipsy kind of dropped the ball on this one, as you may have noticed by now I have curly hair ( I even wrote a post on taking care of curls), so a cream like this isn’t of much use. I did pass it on to my mother in law though, so she was excited to see how it works.

NoTS 28 remedy balancing toner: I’ve thrown this into my nightly skin care routine, and I love it! It works wonders on my T – zone and I’ve noticed a lot less oiliness ( somehow even with the biore pore strips it oils up the next day, thank you combination skin).

Vera Mona lotus eye shadow in clover: super s and smooth, great color, and nice build up. However, because of my skin tone, it looks pretty bland, and I was hoping for something that really popped

Illamasqua precision ink in Abyss: I had never heardof this brand before, but they make great liquid liner. I was starting to get discouraged about doing cat eye makeup after buying the elf felt tipped liner ( it flakes off throughout the day no matter what priming and setting you try), so this liner was a welcome addition to my box, and this is the 3rd day I’ve worn it, and I can never get tired of the staying power on this liner.

All in all, I’d give this bag a 6/10. While that liner alone is a 10/10, my hair type seemed to be completely ignored this month.

What did you guys get in your ipsy bag:? And if you don’t have ipsy, what’s holding you back?

Until next time,



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