Biore Charcoal Pore Strip Review

*Warning: this post contains pictures of a pore strip covered in nasty gunk from my pores. If you don’t wanna see it, tune in another time for a less gunky post*

So last night I was binge watching Pretty Little Liars ( Not even gonna lie about it, I love that show) on the free form website ( dumb name) and I kept seeing an ad for the new Biore Baking soda line. Then I got to thinking about how I hadn’t even tried there charcoal line yet! So today I ran into to Walmart and grabbed the Charcoal Pore strips. I have always had a love hate relationship with Biore Pore strips. While effective, they don’t quite get all the blackheads ( specifically the ones in that word crease where the nose and face connects) leaving my nose clean and refreshed but ultimately still spotted.

On to the review!

So,  to start with I steamed my face ( the post says to wash your face but I had taken a shower shortly before and I hadn’t put product on yet). Then I drenched my nose in water, applied the strip, and waited the allotted 10 minutes while sending out a few e – mails. The first thing I noticed after a few minutes is  a slight tingling sensation ( refreshing and pleasant one, not the  I know I’m allergic to this tingle).

unnamed (6)


When It was time to take it off, there was an irritating tugging ( on a pain scale of 1 to a bikini wax I’d say it was plucking your eye brows). As you can see in the picture above there was some black residue left behind, I’ve had the same experience with the other Biore strips leaving a white residue behind, so this is nothing new. Note: After taking off the strip I did use some called water to close my pores back up, but I did take the pictures before I added my moisturizer.

Ready for the before and afters? Now, all these pictures are super duper unflattering. We’re all buddies here, and buddies don’t say mean things about their buddy’s up close pics of their nose, noses aren’t cute people! with that said:

I couldn’t get a decent picture of the front of my nose before, but it was very oily


My lovely nose dirt and oiliness in all it’s fascinatingly disgusting glory.


The super sexy after photos. As you can see, there’s a little bit of irritation and, although my nose looks cleaner, and there’s the instantly gratifying physical proof of there moved gunk, there are still clusters of black heads in that lovely nose crease.

My Opinion: my nose is baby smooth ( my husband caught me rubbing it like some kind of crazed skin care maniac) and there is less oiliness and black heads. It didn’t do anything better or different in comparison to their classic or ultra deep clean strips. I’m giving this product a 9/10 it does everything it says it does, but it doesn’t quite get into the spots you really need it the way you’d want it to, but otherwise a great product for kick – starting your skin care routine for the week.

What do you guys use to try to combat black heads? I’d love to hear abut your skin care routine!

Until Next Time,




































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