I’ll Never Be Skinny

I have never been thin. I struggled with my weight and self image from a young age. Always thinking that if I could just be skinny like all the other girls, my life would be so much better. I even went as far as to starve myself after my mother passed away. I thought that if I could be thin and pretty I wouldn’t be so sad, I could be happy again. After only eating when I was close to passing out, I stopped losing weight at a size 12.. Which is still plus sized. No matter how hard I worked to be skinnier I couldn’t get there. At my smallest I was still  a plus sized woman. I was devastated.

163377_107264776113587_2014736064_n Since then I have had 2 kids and gained heaps of self confidence. It doesn’t matter If I’m skinny. I wasn’t meant to be skinny. I’m healthier than I ever have been, and I’m a plus sized woman. My chunky middle and dimpled thighs don’t scare me.  The person looking back at me is someone I’m happy to see. I will never look like the next person’s picture of health. I am my own picture of health.

I’m currently Working on my own health and fitness. I don’t want to be skinny though. I want to be healthy. Less sweets, More veggies, and getting high on endorphins every chance I get. My journey is not some fad to fit into some bikini, or a program where I  count calories and just end up eating the empty ones. It’s taking steps to be a healthier me so I can live the long and happy life I was meant to live with my family.

What daily steps do you guys take to be healthier? What motivates you to be a better you each and every day?

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