Silk Nutchello Review

So, along with starting an exercise challenge (one of many more to come I might add)  I’ve been trying to eat/drink a lot less sugar…. Because honestly I have a sweet tooth big enough to scare my dentist at cleanings.


Anyways, You could imagine my joy when I saw something new and tasty looking with only 9 grams of sugar! it was sort of something like this:



Silk nutchello is amazing! I am one of those lucky people who doesn’t get sick when eating lactose ( I eat a scary amount of Greek yogurt) but I still love Almond, Soy, and cashew based beverages. I bought the Coconut Cashew and it tasted like something I wanted to chug in front of my fridge at 3 AM straight from the bottle ( Which lucky for me, no one else seemed to like it so I did it guilt free).

SK_Nutchello_TCC.pngFort those of you who have a liquid sweet tooth (mine is more in the form of chocolate and all the things my Mother in law bakes) this isn’t the sweetest beverage. I drink my coffee with cream only and prefer white whole milk to chocolate milk so this was just my speed. Creamy and nutty with a nice coconut flavor. I just finished my bottle and I’m super excited for out next grocery trip so I can sneak one of the other flavors into the basket.

Have you tried Nutchello yet? What are your favorite low sugar drinks?

Until next time




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