Mile a Day Challenge: Day 2

I gotta be honest guys,  I really didn’t feel like walking today…. I lost my job due to call quality ( I worked customer service). This was my first time ever being fired… So like all reasonable adults, I managed to keep it together until I went outside so I could cry like the adult baby I am while I waited for my husband to come get me.

Imagine this, but with a cute purse and a smart blazer

However, I did take a walk with an old friend beside me pushing my toddler in her stroller. We walked 1.33 miles in 37:03, which to me is pretty average for two people talking. The walk along with talking to my friend made me feel a lot better about my situation. The tears have been wiped and I have a better outlook for the future

images (1)I’ll still be going strong on my challenge. Job or no job. 🙂

Hope you have a good motivational Monday and a good National Margarita Day!




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