Super Bowl Sunday Makeup

Super Bowl 50 is tomorrow! Now, I have to be honest… I’m more excited about the orange eye shadow I bought than the game itself.But, I will happily sit net to my husband and watch football; I just intend to do it looking great.

Let me just say this now: I did not put as much shadow and liner on as I intend to tomorrow, I am recovering from an infection in my tear duct and things are still a little tender. Anyways here we go!

The products used for this look are Ulta Eye Shadow in Mimosa, Wet n Wild Color Icon in Sugar, Covergirl eye enhancers in Sapphire Sparkle, and maybelline babylips in Oh Tangerine. Let me just say this: Trying to find orange eye shadow right before Super Bowl is quite the challenge when you live in Colorado, but I luckily found one!

What I did for this look was make a gradient across my eyes going from blue in the outer corner, orange on the middle lid, and white highlighting the inner corners. The orange shadow at my lash line is solely from fallout, although now looking at it I will be using my liner brush for a gradient on my bottom lash line. I’ll be posting a picture of the full look tomorrow including the super awesome Eyeblack stickers Both my husband and I have from entering Gatorade codes online. Who will you be cheering for tomorrow? And how are you showing your team spirit? Until next time,





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