What Makes A Marriage Great

On September 3rd 2014, my husband and I eloped. The only witness being the county clerks and our almost 3 month old daughter. There were no flowers , I didn’t wear a white dress, and my “wedding ring” turned my finger green a week later. Standing in the courthouse signing that certificate was one of the best days of my life. I found my life’s partner at 16 and married him at 18. The woman I am when I am with him is the woman I was meant to be. He has given me 2 beautiful children, and my faith strengthens every day I wake up next to him.  Our marriage is not perfect though, no marriage is. We will never see eye to eye 100 % of the time. But that’s okay. We are two different people living the same life, together. What makes our marriage great is not only the moments where it’s almost picture perfect, but also during the aftermath of a bad moment. Because in that moment my heart still overflows with love. I have found the one my heart loves.


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