Nail and Makeup Trends I am SO Ready for

Let me confess: I’m not a very trendy person. I love makeup, nails, and fashion but I just can’t seem to stop myself from wearing jeans, t shirts, and a quick swipe of mascara a lot of days (Being a mom has changed me). So, the trends from NYFW spring 2016 are finally making me feel trendy and fashion forward. A lot of the trends aren’t really my style (mainly the hair trends, it’s hard to follow hair trends with coils like mine). Here are the 3 trends I am ready to try for spring 2016.

  1. Cobalt Blue shadow: Blue eye makeup makes brown eyes look great! So, if makeup that makes my eyes look good is the trend, then excuse me while I go pick up some shadow and liner
  2. Loud Lips: One of my favorite lipsticks is loreal infallible in Everlasting Plum and I’m definitely going to enjoy wearing it outside the fall and winter months
  3. French Manicures: They’re Back!!!!!!!  My very favorite type of nail look. It’s classic and super versatile it can be bright, fresh, or edgy. Anyone can wear a french manicure and look great. Plus, it’s less polish, which means easy and low maintenance; which in mommy speak equates to the greatest thing in the universe.

So what trend are you excited to try this spring? Drop some comments below, and stay tuned for more.


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