My First Experience With Cream Liner

I’m still a little out of my element when it comes to eyeliner. My go to since 13 has been thin, barely there lines of black on my lash line (which once I discovered tight lining it was an instant favorite). I’ve finally started to wander out of my comfort zone. So I picked up a traditional liquid liner, and let me say It was a horrifying mess of inky black. So, not willing to give up I bought a liquid liner tip with a felt tip that reminded me of a paintbrush. Although wobbly close up, from 6 inches or more away, it looked decent. Then, 20 minutes after leaving the house My cheeks were covered in flakes and I my cute little wing was gone. So, almost at my wits end I picked up a little pot of cream liner in one of my favorite colors;Blue! So then I thought, I might as well go all out and use a coppery eye shadow: Two equally flattering colors for my brown eyes. What I got were two simple looks that looked better than any liner I’ve done before. (Excuse my brows they’re due for a groom).

Let me say, I have converted to cream liner. It’s reliable like my stick, but versatile like a liquid. I used Elf Cream Liner in Teal Tease and the copper shade from my Peony eye shadow trio (which when I first received my shadow trio it was the only product that Peony had and now they’ve expanded with more products that I would love to try. Check it out here).  Which, that’s only one swipe of shadow on my eyes with no primer, I didn’t even wet it! Anyways, What’s your favorite eyeliner type and brand?


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