Quirky Worky Mama’s guide to being interview ready

After about one week of the lazy woman’s job search ( sending my resume to every craigslist listing for administration/office or customer service work ) I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow! I’m grateful for both the opportunity to work for this company (my current job doesn’t want to give me more than 15 hours a week when I return from maternity leave) and the fact that I have 24 hours to prepare (I’ve had an interview where they wanted to see me in an hour). So, I thought I’d share a few tips for preparing for an interview. I have gone to 10 interviews in my life and for those 10, I was offered 8 jobs. When given a proper day in advance to prepare I have gotten preparing for a job interview down to a science. So, I thought I’d share with you my personal guide for being interview ready. Everything in this guide I personally do and I will even add quick tips for those of you who get called in for a last minute interview.


The Quirky Worky Interview Ready Guide

Take off your makeup: Or if you’re lucky and get he call when you wake up, don’t put any on. I know what you’re thinking: I’m out of my mind to say that! Not wearing makeup the day before gives your skin a chance to breath. Plus it gives you a chance to focus on any problem areas that you’ve been covering up. I like to exfoliate, moisturize, and use my acne spot treatment cream on any current pimples. Baby your skin especially in areas that tend to break out during stressful times. Have to go to work or can’t go without your makeup the day before? Wear the least amount of makeup possible. I know that you can’t always put aside tons of time to be Au natural, but use a light hand, and maybe don’t rock a full face with lashes included. Quick Tip: Obviously if you’re being called in for an interview in an hour you can’t baby your skin for an entire day, so instead wash off your makeup, exfoliate, and reapply your makeup in a minimal and professional way.


Clean up your nails: chipped nails? remove it. trying out that new neon pink nail polish? Say goodbye. The goal here is to look professional. Make yourself presentable as an asset to the company. nudes, clear coats, or neutral colored french tips if you want nail polish. I personally just buff and shine my nails the night before for a professional low maintenance look. Remember, when you first meet people in a business setting you tend to shake hands. Make your hands look well kept. Quick tip: no time to waste on applying polish? rub on some hand cream and clip any hangnails.

Plan out your makeup: As great as you look with a bright red lip and bold winged liner, your future employer might think it’s a little much. Use your makeup wisely and try for nude lips and simple liner. the first 30 seconds of your interview are the most important, and those 30 seconds are based on how you present yourself. Quick Tip: full glamazon face and only an hour to prepare? Remove the more bold makeup (eyelashes, bold cat eye, bright eye shadow or lipstick) and reapply your quickest daytime look (my quickest takes 10 minutes).

Pick what to wear:Even though that emerald cardigan looks great and polished at work doesn’t mean it’s the best piece for an interview. The color of your outfit can either be an opportunity to convey to your potential employer that you’d be a great fit, or it can warn them that you might not be the best fit.

Blue: Blue interview clothes, especially navy blue send a message of trust and tells your future employer that you’re a team player. The drawback? If you are applying for a job in a creative field it seems a bit too conservative.

Brown: conveys comfort and reliability. However it also may be seen as a little too simple and old fashioned.

Black: a color of leadership. while a great choice for interviewing for a higher up/management position, it could be seen as overwhelming to the employer if you’re applying to be a secretary or assistant.

Red: A message of power. a great color for those trying to get a sales or law position. for other positions however, it can be seen as powerful in a more domineering way, or even just plain rebellious.

Grey: Says that you’re logical and analytical. Good for all types of interviews. For creative fields, add a colored scarf or bag to show your creative personality.

Orange: a many cute orange blouses there are out there, they just aren’t for interviews. Many interviewers see orange as unprofessional. If you really want the job steer clear of that color, but feel free to wear it once you get the job.

White, cream, and beige: seen as organized and impartial. Got a white blazer? wear it. A white blazer is not only great to convey these positive traits, it’s a great fashion statement.

Purple and yellow: sends the message of artistic and unique (purple) or optimistic and creative (yellow) best left to interviews for creative fields.

Quick tip: Short on time? pair a crisp white blouse with Navy or Grey pants. Easy peasy and sends the message of a trustworthy, logical, and analytical team player.

Out of all these tips, the most important tip I have for you is to relax. Interviews are stressful and it’s easy to feel a little on the spot. Just take a deep breath and remember how amazing you are & how lucky this company would be to have you.




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