Products I Use to Stay Smooth

We all know that beautiful skin isn’t just about a good primer and foundation; It’s about taking care of yourself when the makeup is off. I’m talking what you use to get sudsed up and moisturized. Taking care of your skin not only makes you look great Au natural; it gives you an even canvas to take your makeup looks up a notch! Now I don’t have any get smooth quick secret, but I will share with you the products I personally use everyday to keep my skin healthy and smooth.

Tone Petal Soft Body Wash: Peony & rose oil as well as vitamin E make for great smelling moisturizing suds at an affordable price ( and with two kids, one of my favorite words is affordable). It falls between the opaque creamier washes and the clear gels. It’s by far my favorite body wash (and I own quite a few half empty bottles of body washes). If you like creamier washes my pick is Olay and for the clear shower gels my personal favorite is Caress.

St. Ives 24 hour deep restoring body lotion:I’ll be honest here: I don’t lotion my entire body every day. I know it seems like to stay soft you must lotion, lotion, lotion every day and night. For me personally, I tend to only need it every other day (aside from my feet, those puppies get lotioned up multiple times a day). This lotion gets the job done. It has a light almond scent and soaks in quickly.

St. Ives Green Tea Black Head Scrub: I’ve used many commercial and homemade scrubs and this tops my list for commercial scrubs (because buying the ingredients needed for my own formulas hurts my wallet). It’s not too abrasive and doesn’t dry out my skin. It even worked for my husband to get rid of some dry, red patches.

Tree Hut Renewing Hand Cream: I had never even heard of this brand until I ran into my local King Soopers Marketplace with chapped hands and a surplus of hangnails. After shelling out $5 for 3oz of this cream I fell in love. It’s Moroccan Rose scented with argan oil and Shea butter. It’s also certified organic if that’s important to you. Within days My hangnails were gone and the cracked skin was healed. I use multiple times a day and I never want to be without it again.

Burt’s Bees lemon butter cuticle cream: This Colorado winters are hell on my hands. I use cuticle cream after every hand washing to keep those ugly hang nails at bay. It comes in a tin perfect to store in your purse (or diaper bag). The only drawback is that it does take a bit to soak all the way in, so let them dry before doing anything crazy with your hands.

Burt’s Bees vanilla bean lip balm: I lose lip balm faster than my kids lose binkies (and if you’re a mom you know exactly how fast that is). This lip balm is the only one that I’ve continuously kept. It’s all natural and comes from a company that I trust.

Jersey Shore vanilla bean anti aging lip and hand polish: When lip balm just isn’t cutting it I use this lip scrub. It’s made with edible ingredients including brown sugar. I don’t use this on my hands because it gives me a lightly sticky feeling for the rest of the day, but it is a holy grail worthy product. I use it very sparingly, a 1 oz. jar cost $25 so I’ll be stretching that 1 oz until that tube is scraped ( or licked ) clean.

Olay Regenerist Resurfacing night elixir: This anti – aging overnight gel serum lightly exfoliates and moisturizes your skin for smooth, hydrated skin. Sadly this product is no longer available and the only reason I have some is because there is some in stock at my local Big Lots (another one of my favorite words is discounted). It works great on my combination skin, and unlike most night creams keeps my T – zone smooth and oil free.


Ped Egg Power: a cheaper version of the Amope Pedi Perfect that keeps my feet in check during sandal season ( because as cute as all those sandals are, they sure look a lot better with soft moisturized feet).

What are your favorite products for keeping that skin silky smooth? I’d love to see what works for different skin types in different climates. 🙂






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